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ABOUT personal characteristics COMPUTER CRIMINALS

The overall portrait - this, of course, well, sometimes even useful - at least some information. But - it is vague. And in a very wide range. Usually, however, requires something more specific and not so common. Yes, this is not a universal portrait is reproduction with adjustments, as amended, at the time, place and socio-political situation. Features, as it, national computer criminals. For Russia, these adjustments most relevant, led so that we all need to be adjusted accordingly Russian mentality. This is not just talk to fill the empty seats in the course work (why - it will become clear later).
To begin with, and a man in the street, and employees of investigative bodies has long been a shining such a stereotype of computer criminals made in USSR. It grew up in a family average of Soviet engineers stripling of 18 years, TI - 20 spawn, with dark, long, slightly shaggy hair, bespectacled, tight-lipped, vicious, scattered, with bluzhdayuschim look, crazy on computers, days and nights of their prosizhivayuschy Infernal machine, completely ignoring the events in the outside world and girls. We can not say that this stereotype has no right to exist and the innocent are not similar to the original. The most interesting thing is that, as the statistics show, and independent studies conducted, strangely enough, Russian experts (and non-specialists), 20 of 100 inhabitants criminal world with computer sloping are a hundred percent clean stereotypical computer criminals. But only 20 out of 100. The remaining 80 in this stereotype does not fit either (the most interesting and, incidentally, a dangerous case) or partially (this is mainly an intermediate stage between the stereotype and its extreme opposite).
Stereotypes, as we know, not born from scratch. Indeed, in Russia, so historically, the largest number of engineers per capita. And also the undeniable fact that a particular family prosperity engineers are no different (apparently due to high competition ...). But as the statistics show, the continuity of families of engineers is very high (on a number of regions it reaches 60%, or 6 children from 10 families engineers go in the footsteps of their parents). This can be explained by the family spirit, a high level of technical education in Russian universities, and perhaps something else, but I prefer a slightly different explanation --
a) a purely human laziness and hope to Ancestry of the younger generation (I will go to matVUZ - Dad with his mother in the study podsobyat ...)
b) The parent hoped that the enormous project engineers finally to appreciate, though not in themselves, and children (she is - hope for justice - historical, social, economic - if this happens ...). In doing so, inheritance in these families, despite the well-known phrase children geniuses nature rest, I would even say enhanced. Without going into details of life, I will only say that, unlike the children of musicians, engineers children in the 6 (v. 3) out of 10 have made great strides in life than parents, while maintaining a professional affiliation. What does this mean? On that children in families engineers have a strong predisposition to various technical hobby. And most are related to men. So even led, by virtue of the structure of the brain most people. And what is now the most advanced, most interesting technology in the world? True, cars and computers. In relative somewhere 40 to 60. In addition, the strength technology is very high and the army of young tehnarey align and simply interested in computers, not born engineers, people in families. As a result, because stratification is already inside layer of people to join computer science, we get about 20% botanists, ie Finished tehnarey really loose on computers and electronics, and nothing but this, are not accepted, 40% - middle class and 20% - white collar, skim the cream off with all computer and electronic business. More quietly dispersed.
And appear stereotipicheskie person (the same Botany) and the creative personality, do not fit into the stereotype ( white collar). In the first everything seems clear - they brought social environment, to some extent, the desire for technology embedded in them genetically. But the second group - inmates of economic policy. They realized the time its capacity at any given time and, potentially, identified marketing price of their knowledge, made a career out of passion. Their knowledge, in most cases, extensive and systematic, and investigative and valuable than the most loaded botanists. They - the real power in the business, legal business, and in the criminal world.

Unauthorized access to information stored in computers re.

The concept of computer information as defined in Article 272 Penal Code. The subject of computer information are information resources, which in Article 2 of the Federal Law of 20 February 1995 "On information, informatization and information protection" are treated as separate arrays of instruments in information systems. These resources, under Article 2 of the Act include information on persons, objects, events, processes, people, regardless of the form of their submission. The Act provides a full decoding of their content.
The peculiarity of computer information - in its relatively simple forward, conversion and reproduction; removal of information, unlike the seizure of property. It easily remains in the source, access to the same file that contains information that can be simultaneously virtually unlimited number of users. As early as 1982 in the High Court judicial review of the Soviet Union was reflected conditions for the use of computerized information in criminal proceedings. The most common unauthorized access is carried out, usually using vaniem someone else's name, changing the physical addresses, technical mouth roystv, the information after the address, mo difikatsiey software and information management, theft To carry information, install recording devices Connected to data paths. Progress has given rise to entirely new category of criminals - hackers. People, hobbies, computers, to the extent that it goes beyond decency. According to unverified data in the world, there are entire communities of hackers, where they exchange information, data and the like. In most cases Cybercrime committed by them. Hackers. For some, hacking and attempt to understand the stolen information to entertainment, for other business. They may be months "knock" in private passwords, copy-protection systems "door" networks or computers of individuals re biraya simple words as a password. And it is not so silly as it sounds (at least it was until recently). There are a few more satisfied but simple and effective means of illegal connections to remote computers. In this case, the entire treatises written, they can be found in unlimited quantities on the Internet - the worldwide global computer network. Unauthorized access to files legitimate user carried schestvlyaetsya also finding weaknesses in the protection system. Once they found, the violator may nespesha explored in the system subject information, copy it, go back to it many times as Patel buy the goods in shop windows or the reader chooses a book, looking at the shelves of libraries. Programmers sometimes make mistakes in the programs that are not found in the process of debugging. This creates possibilities for finding a "BRAY Shea." Authors large complex programs may not notice some SLA bostey logic. Vulnerabilities sometimes found in the electronic circuits. Usually they did detected in verification, editing, debugging program, but it is absolutely impossible to get rid of them. It happens that programmers deliberately doing "gaps" for future use. Receiving a "gap" can be developed. In found (created) "gap" program "broken" and go further Insert one or more commands. The "hatch" open "to the extent necessary, and built the team automatically ki carry out their task. Most often, this project is receiving tantami systems and employees of organizations involved in prevention and repair systems. More rarely - those self-discover "gaps". It happens that someone enters into a computer system, giving themselves a legitimate user. Systems that do not have the means Au tentichnoy identification (for example, physiological characteristics: the fingerprints, designed by retina, voice, etc.), find themselves without protection against the reception. The easiest way to implement it - to get codes and other identifying codes of legitimate users. Here ways - great variety, ranging from simple fraud. Sometimes happens, for example, with the wrong telephone call world that the user network from a remote computer connects to someone's system, being absolutely sure that it works with the system, how and intends. The owner of the system, which actually connect, forming a plausible responses can maintain this delusion for some time and thus get some information, in particular code. In any computer center has a special program used as a systematic tool in the event of a malfunction or other o loneny in the computer, a kind of analog devices placed in transport under the caption "Split glass in the event of an accident." Such pro Decent - a powerful and dangerous tool in the hands of the attacker. Most recently, in our country have set up institutions of higher education to train professionals in the field of information security. Unauthorized access can be carried out and as a result of systemic failure. For example, if some user files remain are open, he could gain access to Parts neprinadlezhaschim him databank. Everything happens as if bank customer into the allocated lennuyu him in the store room, observes that the store is not one wall. In this case, it may enter into other people's safes and steal everything in their stores. Also, under the concept of "nesakntsionirovannogo access" are those particular as input to the software "logic bombs" that CPA batyvayut if certain conditions and partly or wholly incapacitate a computer system. Method "Trojan horse" is the secret introduction of foreign pro Decent such commands that allow a new, is not planning vavshiesya owner of the program functions, but at the same time preserve and earlier works. With the help of "Trojan horse" criminals, for example, pay at their own expense certain amount from each transaction. In fact, everything is quite simple: Computer software texts are usually extremely complex. They consist of hundreds of thousands and sometimes millions of commands. Therefore, "troyans cue horse" of the several dozen teams could hardly be found, unless, of course, there is no suspicion about this. But in the latter case, the expert programmers take many days and weeks to find him. Turning to the history of computer crime. Here, in particular, clearly leads the U.S. because this country is the mass emergence of computer technology. About Russia talk is premature because it is, in my view, just embarking on the thorny path vesobschey "okumpyuterrizatsii, and the opportunity to commit a crime in this area in our country is somewhat less, or sometimes they do not make sense. An interesting case of "Trojan horse" one amerikans Kim programmer. He inserted into the computer company where workers Tal, the team did not otchislyayuschie money, and not to print outlet for couple of certain revenue. These amounts, specially marked WIDE, "existed only in the system. Ukrainian BLANC ki, he filled them with an indication of its clandestine marking and received the money, and such transactions are still not printed and could not be subjected to audit. There is another kind of "Trojan horse". Its particular feature toit that bezobidno-looking part of the program is not inserted commands actually doing all the work directly. a team, form ing these commands, and after following the crushing them. In this case, pro rammistu, trying to find a "Trojan horse", must be sought not his own, and commands his form. Building on that idea, it is possible to imagine a team that created the team, etc. (arbitrarily large number of times), which pose a "Trojan horse".


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