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Active Desktop Windows XP

A defined area of the desktop Windows XP can be presented in the form of web-page containing a hyperlink, or any other elements supported by the standard HTML 4.0. If the ease of Windows you plan to incorporate into the design of your desktop, interactive web-page, have done the following sequence of operations:

Prepare HTML-document containing all the elements you need, such as links to your favorite web-sites;
right-click any free labels point of the Windows desktop, and the menu that appears, click Properties (Properties);
go to the Desktop tab (Desktop) Properties dialog box: Display (Display Properties);
then click Customize Desktop (Customize Desktop);
tab, go to the Web (Web) dialog Elements Desktop (Desktop Items);
click Create (New). A window will appear Wizard new element of the desktop (New Active Desktop Item).
Clicking on the Browse button (Browse), enter the system path to the desired HTML-document, then click OK. You can download the web-page directly from the World Wide Web by typing in a field near the URL. Your preference HTML document will appear on the list of Web pages (Web pages) window Elements Desktop (Desktop Items).

Remove web-page from the list, you can click on the Delete button (Delete), clicking on the Properties button (Properties) will lead to opening the window that contains information about the HTML-document.

Properties window active element Desktop contains three tabs. The first of these, Document Internet (Web Document), includes general information on the site: size, the time needed to download information on its physical location. If the web-page is downloaded from the Internet, you can make it accessible and offline, check this page available offline (Make this page available offline). Schedule Tab (Shedule) allows you to adjust to this element of the desktop phone to automatically synchronize.

Synchronization of Active Desktop and web-content Favorites folder automatically update downloaded from the Internet and locally stored web-pages available offline, according to the latest developments of the documents on the Internet. Thus, while offline viewing, you will always be available to the latest versions of web-pages that change frequently (the column of news, weather forecasts, quotes and rates, TV programs, etc.).

There are two modes of synchronization of Active Desktop, displayed a switch to synchronize elected (Synchronize Favorites):

1. Only when you click Synchronize from the Tools menu.
2. Using the calendar.
Add a new timetable in the list of synchronization, you can click on the Add button (Add). A window will appear new schedule (New Shedule), at the top of which you can specify the frequency synchronization. To do so, enter the appropriate numbers in the left field (for example, when entering the number 7 Timing will be done once every 7 days) and specify the time of launch procedures for synchronization in the format HH: MM. The following is to introduce an arbitrary name for the synchronization. If you want to be in sync automatically connects to the Internet, check the bottom of the window.

If your computer is connected to the Internet, you can immediately start the process of synchronization. To do this, click Synchronize (Synchronize) in the box Elements Desktop (Desktop Items).

Tab Loading (Download) window properties of the element Active Desktop allows you to set up an autonomous view obtained from the Internet web-page. If the web-page, you use as part of Active Desktop, contains links to other documents, you can make them available for offline viewing, indicating the depth of links, which should download files from the Internet. For example, if placed on the desktop web-page contains links to three other papers, each of which recalls another three, with a depth of 3 references to your hard disk will be downloaded every 12 web-pages, after which they will become available when offline viewing . By checking the box Limiting the use of disk space (Limit hard-disk usage for this page to), you can specify the maximum aggregate size of the downloadable from the Internet web-content in kilobytes. By clicking on the Advanced button (Advanced) you get a chance to ask those components of web-pages to save on the disk: in this list, the following types of components: images, sounds and videos, ActiveX controls and applications Java. In order to prevent any of the two types of components needed to reset the appropriate boxes, you can also prevent references to such components, check Download links only to documents HTML (Only to HTML pages).

You can configure the automatic notification of changes to used as part of Active Desktop web-page e-mail. To do this, the box element Active Desktop, type in the e-mail (E-Mail address) e-mail address to which to send the notice, and that your mail server (Mail Server) - SMTP-mail server to send messages. If you log on to the server, where this is a web-page, ask your password, you can configure automatic connection to the server by clicking on the button Log (Login).

As an element of Active Desktop can be used by the standard templates offered by Microsoft, which are available for free download on the server http://www.microsoft.com These templates are web-pages with information about weather, news channels, the page containing the links to music and entertainment resources. Choose one of the standard elements of Microsoft Active Desktop, you can click on the button Gallery (Visit Gallery) in the Wizard new element of the desktop.

Web-components of the desktop displayed in random scalable screen format, which you can move around the screen using the mouse. If you want the geometric size and screen position of the active component of the Windows desktop has always remained the same, check Lock desktop items (Lock Desktop Items) in the box Elements Desktop (Desktop Items).


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