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Areas which use computer systems based on CompactPCI

CompactPCI is providing real-time computer systems used in industrial automation, computer telephony, telecommunications systems, systems for collecting and processing data, simulators and test bed equipment, systems special (military) application, etc. Bus CompactPCI used mostly where you want:

how to best work of modern Pentium, PentiumMMX, PentiumPRO, Pentium II, PowerPC, ALPHA, UltraSPARC and advanced microprocessors;
modularity of the system;
Industry reliability, resistance to temperature effects, vibration, dust, electromagnetic interference, etc.;
Reducing the weight and dimensions;
simplicity and ease of upgrading services;
little time to fix the system and enhance performance maintainability;
medium and high-performance data processing;
support its industrial components manufacturer for a long period of time;

Due to high bandwidth bus PCI, CompactPCI-use modules most obviously to create high-performance computer communication systems, sound industrial, scientific, medical and military systems (industrial computers and controllers), the optimum use of modern microprocessors, etc. The possibility of replacing the module without power off ( "hot-swappable"), makes use of CompactPCI-ins for such devices is extremely promising.

1.3. Key features and benefits of CompactPCI-computers.

Standard CompactPCI, compared with the PCI standard for desktop personal computers, has at least two major advantages:
twice the number of expansion slots passive cross - Boards: 8 to 4;
much more adapted to industrial systems, mechanical design.
CompactPCI-ins are designed on the basis that they are to be inserted and removed from the front side kreyta. Modules are installed in densely kreyte using the track and, after fixing rigidly fixed with screws.
The design ensures the moduli proven years of successful operation of the scheme tight four-fixing and perfect, so necessary for modern CMOS - microelectronics, protection from electrostatic discharge when installing modules in the frame.
Vertical installation modules contributed to their good natural or forced ventilation.
Used in CompactPCI-modules industrial pin-type connectors much more reliable, have the best characteristics of resistance to shock, vibration, dust and splash protection than the connectors used for PCI-ins conventional desktop computers. Signal and power contacts CompactPCI-connector constructively implemented so that the possible installation and replacement module without power off kreyta that it is extremely important in high-reliability systems and that is not sold or PCI-in desktop computers nor the "semi" PCs with passive ISA & PCI line, which in this sense no different from ordinary home computers.
Channels I / O can connect to CompactPCI-board using connectors installed on its front panel (Front connection) or connected to it shinnomu connector on the back of the boards (back pairing). Rear connection I / O modules is particularly important for telephony systems and telecommunications, industrial systems requiring repair as quickly as possible.
Specifications CompactPCI correspond to the latest standard IEEE1101.11, which defines requirements for specialized circuit boards to connect the I / O modules. This provides a universal method to connect the channels I / O to the back of the CompactPCI-payment.


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