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Changes in the mechanism logon

Pilot users classic Windows NT implemented in Windows XP mechanism to log on using windows greetings may seem inconvenient or unusual. There is the option switch algorithm log on to standard regime. To do so such a sequence of commands: Start-> Control Panel-> User Accounts-> Change users log into the system (Start-> Control Panel-> User Accounts-> Change the way users log on or off). In the window that appears necessary to reset the boxes I use the greeting (Use the Welcome screen) and Use Fast User Switching (Use Fast User Switching), followed by a click on the Apply button options (Apply Options). In this case, when you start Windows XP instead of the standard window will appear welcoming traditional window log on Windows NT

When you sign in to Windows, there are two fields: User, which should gain the title of the account to log in and password to enter the password assigned the account. Below is housed switch the keyboard layout; additional parameters of the windows open you click Settings.

It should be remembered that when switching mechanism to log on to classic mode, you lose the opportunity to use the technology of Fast User Switching (Fast User Switching). The use of the properties of the system is only possible when using a standard mechanism to log on Windows XP.

Cancel button clears located at the top of your field, the continuation of the Windows running on pressing OK. Clicking the mouse button Completion of the work leads to restart the computer.

After the return of classic scheme log on to a standard mechanism for Windows XP Fast User Switching mode may still be unavailable. To activate it, log in as Administrator, using the boot in Safe Mode (Safe Mode), and change your selection in the box, the User Accounts Control Panel.


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