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Changing the design desktop

You can arbitrarily change the background color and graphic design your desktop. To do this:

right-click any free icons point the Windows desktop, and the menu that appears, click Properties (Properties);
go to the Desktop tab (Desktop) Properties dialog box: Display (Display Properties).
For this tab, two functional areas: the top is a picture display on the screen which shows the appearance of the desktop Windows XP after a change in its setup menu is below Wallpaper (Background), which includes titles available in the background image on your desktop. Select the desired background image, you can click on any of the titles offered on the menu Background.

If the background desktop you plan to use the so-called wallpaper - small graphic files, geometric size much smaller than the size of the desktop Windows, you can specify the positioning of wallpaper image on the screen using the menu Location (Position), consisting of three Features display wallpaper:

Center (Center) - centered on your desktop (the rest of the space is filled with background color);
Zamość (Tile) - Figure wallpaper will multiply repeated vertically and horizontally to fill the full desktop space;
Stretch (Stretch) - Figure wallpaper would stretched to the entire space on your desktop.
In order to set as desktop background image an arbitrary image file, for example, a scanned picture or downloaded from the Internet a picture, click the Browse button (Browse), the right of the menu Wallpaper (Background), and then tell the system what path to the folder , In which the original image is stored. As such images can be used graphics files formats BMP, GIF, JPEG (JPG), DIB, PNG, or documents containing the code markings HTML (HTM or HTML).

Set the background color of the desktop, you can by clicking on the menu Color (Color). In the on-screen menu, you will be offered a palette consisting of twenty basic colors. If you want to choose another color, click on the button Other (Other), causing on-screen dialog box Color (Color).

In the left top of the window is a palette of colors Basic (Basic Colors), consisting of forty-eight basic colors. Right hosted a special area that includes the entire color spectrum, in the form of the gradient: clicking on the image of flowers left mouse button, you can select the desired shade, located right vertical slider controls the saturation selected tone. Your color is shown in color / Fill (Color / Solid): thus, changing the color settings such as hue and saturation, you can control the result. If you want to adjust the characteristics of the selected color manually (each color system is perceived by the standard RGB, in other words, the color is treated as a combination of red, blue and green hues), your service has a set of special fields in which you can specify the following colors by typing with the keyboard:

Hue (Hue) - determines the tone colors ranging from 0 to 239. If you specify a certain numerical value shades, this value will be changed to red, green and blue components of the selected color;
Contrast (Sat) - determines the contrast of the shades in the range from 0 to 240. The higher the saturation, the more bright and clean and look like color;
Saturation (Lum) - determines the brightness of colors ranging from 0 (black) to 240 (white);
Red (Red) - saturation of red shades in the color according to the standard RGB range from 0 to 255;
Green (Green) - saturation of green shades in the color according to the standard RGB range from 0 to 255;
Blue (Blue) - saturation blue hue in the color according to the standard RGB range between 0 and 255.
Once the parameters entered requisite color, you can add this in a custom color palette by clicking the Add button in the set (Add to custom colors). In the next dialog box Color (Color) is the color palette will be displayed in additional colors (Custom colors), beneath the basic palette of colors. To fix the color settings and return to the Desktop tab (Desktop) dialog screen: Properties (Desktop Properties), then click OK.


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