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Computer data as an object of criminal assault
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This title is not by accident, because really, the offender can not be seen as something separate from all over the world, including from the object of attacks, especially because the object to a certain extent, shape the particular subject.
So, the computer information. As part of the information at all, it has the following basic features:
general, if there is no special restrictions on access;
invizualnost, ie lack of way for a person without special tools naturally observe and analyze information. Any information beyond the abstract reference to the media and visualization system;
100% identity and a copy of the original, ie the same information value of the original information and copies of any carrier at the same end, the method of visualization.
And those properties directly determines the qualities of what should have criminal, against the computer information. Let them all.
For starters, probably from the second properties - with invizualnosti. Visualization tools of computer information is actually a computer, the tool is not easy to use and requires the person to work with him, certain skills. Accordingly, it is possible to make an interim finding that the offender has a computer a certain amount of knowledge and skills on the part of communicating with computers, software, computer systems and networks.
Now address the theme of inclusiveness. Indeed, computer information, provided that the individual mastered the basic skills of communicating with the visualization tool, it becomes available. And because the basic skills in communicating with computers can now buy almost everyone, the computer information is publicly available. But this type of information as no other could be removed from a public through normal, but many computer-enhanced computing power of password protection, authentic verification and encryption (cryptography). It is accessible to persons who do not know the password, or cipher algorithm to protect, blocked almost namertvo. But it is «virtually», that the Russian language in recent years has become synonymous with the word «close». Almost namertvo. If there is the individual expertise and skills, it is possible to overcome any protective barriers to obtaining information. It is clear begs another conclusion: computer offender is not just a knowledge of computer technology, it has a special, deep enough knowledge to him lay a path through any defensive and protective mechanisms. But in detail about this later.
The latter called me the main feature of computer information - complete identity and the original copy - seems to be no direct exits to the identity of the perpetrator does not have. But, as well as a copy is in most cases the value of the equivalent value of the original, the need to capture properly the original disappears. Suffice it to in any way to make a copy. In doing so, that copy can be generally does not hold, so that attacks like missing. So it is in most cases the actual attacks on computer information. Consequently, there is increased impunity for such crimes and, consequently, the criminals committing them. Therefore, the computer offender virtually no need to fear the suspicion of unexpected visits by representatives of «of» and similar troubles. Computer offender - a person professionally engaged in their work with little risk of being involved in anything illegal. He is free from the host fears, which are thieves, murderers and other «worldly», of non-criminal elements.
Complicated ... But this - «technical» portrait of computer criminals, abstract of a particular individual. He - as the entry. Computer crime - the phenomenon is so new in the life of mankind that say anything specific, it is simply impossible - not yet accumulated enough information and practical experience. But this «portrait» could become a benchmark in the fight against computer crime, it helps to highlight the main features of a person of computer criminals, regardless of who his parents, to what social environment he grew up, how many years it was or whether he had tried for other crimes. And this is just the beginning ...

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