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Downloading multiple operating systems
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Downloading Windows 9x and Windows XP
In order to be able to dual-boot Microsoft Windows 9x/ME and Windows XP, enough to install Windows XP from Windows 9x in preserving the current version of the operating system (new treatment plant). Relevant this configuration file boot.ini will be created automatically. About how to install Windows 9x from Windows XP and saving them to disk boot record, will elaborate further.

Loading more compatible with Windows NT version
If you want to simultaneously use your computer for several versions compatible with the technology of NT operating systems like Windows NT 4.0, Windows 2000 and Windows XP, enough to install Windows XP from the current version of Windows in the preservation of the current operating system (non-New installation). Relevant this configuration file boot.ini will be created automatically. If in the process of installing Windows NT/2000 boot record was destroyed, use the Recovery Console to determine the correct configuration file boot.ini.

Loading multiple versions of Windows 9x and Windows XP
Often a situation arises in which in addition to Windows XP, you need to use your computer for several earlier versions of Windows, such as Windows 98 and Windows Millennium Edition. It should be noted that, without some additional resources, this task is not trivial, since operating systems Windows 9x line write their own download files in the root of primary hard drive by default and does not allow multiple boot.

To set up the launch of multiple versions of Windows 9x in conjunction with Windows XP, you can use a boot manager of independent producers. Boot into already used your version of Windows 9x and install this program, then follow the enclosed installation My Boot Manager instructions (they are stored in a subfolder DOCS folder) that install another version of Windows 9x. Then you can proceed to install Windows XP in preserving the current version of the operating system (new treatment plant).

There are also many other similar programs that perform multiple booting Windows 9x and Windows XP. Their widest range can be found at the site, offering visitors free software.

Downloading Windows XP and Linux
Many prefer to use in conjunction with Microsoft Windows XP alternative operating systems, such as one of the realizations of a family of OS Linux. In doing so, with an objective point of view this is the most comfortable configuration multizagruzchika in which version of Linux is available to download immediately after the computer directly from the menu multiple boot Windows XP.

To configure multizagruzchik accordingly, it is necessary to act in accordance with the following algorithm. Install Linux in its own disk partition, as LILO (LInux LOader) - a special program, administering loading Linux, - in the primary sector section Linux, in other words in the SUPERBLOCK, since the installation of LILO in the MBR will inevitably destroy the boot record XP. Then, using standard tools dd package Linux or any other similar tool with similar functions, create in the top section of the main disk file Linux boot sector with a random name. By default, most utilities designate a file name or bootsect.lnx boot.lnx, but there are no standards, which require a user to apply exactly such a symbol. What was needed was to link multizagruzchik Windows XP file boot sector Linux. To do this, open for editing boot.ini, and add the section [Operating Systems] the following:

C: \ bootsect.lnx = "Linux"


With each replacement of basic components of the system or boot sector Linux, for example, when installing a new kernel with LILO, need to re-create the file boot sector.

There are special programs that will automatically generate bootsector Linux file and add the record about it in the file boot.ini. One of them - utility BootPart produced by Gilles Vollant Software. You can download the program from a Web site developer, located at http://www.winimage.com/bootpart.htm

Downloading Windows XP and MS-DOS, Windows 95/98/Me
Operating systems of production by Microsoft, starting with versions of Windows 2000 and Windows Millennium Edition, do not support MS-DOS, because developers believe that this platform is already hopelessly outdated and its continued use is futile. Does not support MS-DOS and Microsoft Windows XP. But there is still used by a number of specialized programs that can run only in MS-DOS, in particular some of the game, a number of instances of databases and tools to work with FTN-networks. Also, there was full support for DOS operating systems Windows 95 family, including versions OSR1-OSR2.5.

The easiest option trehvariantnoy boot in Windows XP, Windows 95 and MS-DOS is the installation disc for Windows 95 and later - Windows XP. After installation is complete, click multizagruzchika a record Microsoft Windows, when choosing where to begin loading Windows 95. Click F8, you will proceed in their own menu multizagruzchika Windows 95, where you can select Boot to Previous Operating System, or Command Prompt Only, initiates the download MS-DOS. If you want to use your computer only MS-DOS and Windows XP, you must install DOS on the disc and start installing Windows XP from the command line. In both cases, the installer copies the Windows XP boot record MS-DOS / Windows 95 in a special file bootsect.dos, used the system as customizable boot sector. In doing so, multizagruzchik be configured so that multiple boot menu will appear Record Previous Operating System on C:, referring to the root of the main system drive. It should be remembered that boot records MS-DOS 5-6.22 and Windows 95/MS-DOS 7.0 somewhat different, so setting up multiple boot of the two systems can cause some difficulty.

The first versions of Windows 95 attended an error that was corrected only in versions OSR2.5. This error caused fatal system crash when you try to boot using Boot to Previous Operating System. This software defects can be corrected to read: running the car with a boot disk DOS, open the file msdos.sys to edit and add to the section the following directive:

BootMulti = 1

But from an objective point of view, this approach - dvuhvariantnaya download or MS-DOS and Windows XP, or Windows 95 and Windows XP - is not always convenient. For example, you might want to trehvariantnaya direct download in MS-DOS, Windows 9x/ME and Windows XP. You can customize multizagruzchik so that he maintained a regime, however, because the MS-DOS and Windows 9x deploy its own boot records in the same disk partition, such a setup would require some effort.

Set your computer to MS-DOS (for example, the version of DOS 6.22). Now you need to create a custom boot record for the operating system: You can use special tools, in particular the program of Norton Disk Editor package Norton Utilities for DOS. Let's call this file bootsec.w40. Now install the «over» DOS Windows 9x, and then create another file to the boot sector of the system with the name bootsect.dos. Now you can begin to install Windows XP, at the end of which in the [operating systems] boot.ini file to add the following lines:

c: \ bootsec.dos = "Windows 95" / WIN95

c: \ bootsec.w40 = "MS-DOS 6.22" / WIN95DOS

Odnovariantnaya download
If you want your computer is loaded only with Microsoft Windows XP multizagruzchika bypassing the menu, go to edit the file boot.ini, in the [boot loader] record as an argument directive default path to your installation of Windows XP in the form of ARC-sequence, then change the timeout, making it equal to zero, and delete all entries in the [operating systems]. For example, if your copy of Windows XP installed in the folder C: \ Windows, and your C: drive is an IDE, boot.ini, may be as follows:

[boot loader]

timeout = 0

default = multi (0) disc (0) rdisk (0) partition (1) \ WINDOWS

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