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Editing a sound file

Team Effects menu (Effects) program phonograph allows various operations on a sound file:

Volume Up (25%) (Increase Volume (by 25%)) - to increase the loudness of sound file to the current 25%;
Reduce the volume (Decrease Volume) - reduce the volume of audio files;
Increase speed (100%) (Increase Speed (by 100%)) - to increase the playback speed by 100%;
Reduce speed (Decrease Speed) - reduce the playback speed;
Add Echo (Add Echo) - add effects Echo;
Draw (Reverse) - call sound recordings, in other words, rewrite the soundtrack in reverse order.
All of the above transactions are available only if the edited sound file is not compressed, that is, you see a green line in the window display recording. Otherwise, you modify the sound will not be possible.

Remove part of a sound file
To remove some of the audio file, move the slider start playing in the position corresponding to the beginning of the fragment removed, and click Delete after current position (Delete After Current Position) command Edit menu (Edit). All the audio track from the current position until the end of the file will be deleted. To remove the beginning of audio, such as empty interval before a song, move the slider play in the position where the sound appears, and click Delete to the current position (Delete Before Current Position) command Edit menu. The entire soundtrack to this position will be destroyed.

Mixing several records
If you want a sound place to another and to their consistent play, move the slider in the position where the wish paste another file, please click the Edit-> Insert file (Edit-> Insert File) and the opened window, point the way to imported audio clip.

Similarly, the mixing of two audio files is done - confusion two tapes into one. To do so, click Edit-> Mix with a file (Edit-> Mix with File) to open the window to indicate the program path, is added to the current.

The program phonograph package Windows XP allows you to mix (mix) from the current audio sound files are stored in the clipboard. To do this, place the regulator play in the position corresponding to the beginning of mikshiruemogo station recordings, and then click Edit-> mixed with a buffer (Edit-> Mix with Clipboard).

All of the above, it becomes apparent that the program phonograph allows import and export of various audio via the clipboard. An audio snippet can be placed in the buffer using the Edit-> Copy (Edit-> Copy), and summoned from the Edit-> Paste (Edit-> Paste).

Changing the format sound file
By default the phonograph stores audio format WAV, which is recognized by many other applications that work with sound files. However, it is possible situation in which you'll need to save the audio file in a different format. To do so, click File-> Properties (File-> Properties) to open the box sound (Properties for Sound) to choose from the menu Quality (Format Conversion) the desired mode conversion file: Recording formats (Recording Formats) - recording format or formats playback (Playback Formats) - formats for playback. Clicking Convert (Convert Now) displays the dialog box Choice audio (Sound Selection), where you can choose to convert audio files.

In the top of Choice sound is the menu of Title (Name), which provides ready-to-use standard versions of the digitization of sound. Each option has its own set of attributes, such as the frequency of the alarm, the number of playback channels and others. Among the options for digitizing the following:

The CD-ROM (Audio CD) - the best quality stereo digitization, the sounding audio CD;
Radiotranslyatsiya (Radio) - mono sound of average quality;
Telephone line (Phone line) - the most poor quality audio recording, monaural format.
You can add your own versions of digitization, put the correct values in the Format menu (Format) and attributes (Attributes), and then clicking on the button Save As (Save As), and specifying a new value menu. Unused format digitization is removed by pressing Delete (Remove).

Format menu (Format) contains a list of file formats, which can transform the current record, among them - the most common file formats, such as PCM and MP3 (MPEG Layer 3). Finally, the menu Attributes (Attributes) makes it possible to manage the qualitative parameters of the conversion file, such as the number of audio channels (mono / stereo), bitrate and frequency (speed audio). Transcoding the file begins to click OK.


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