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Enabling Windows Vista

To combat the spread of pirated copies of its products, Microsoft has developed a new technology Microsoft Product Activation (MPA).

Until recently, users who choose to install on their computers, Windows 9X/2000, had to undergo optional registration procedure, which in addition to other information required to inform the center of a number of licensing Microsoft on its own. Thus, one copy of the operating system attributed to a specific user, sign up to its name. License users to access the most recent software updates, become a subscriber information billyuteney Microsoft reports about new products the company could benefit from a discount when buying the next version of Windows, and, finally, in the event of a problem had the opportunity to seek assistance from a service support. The buyer operating system could refuse to register and continue to use Windows in Normal mode.

Microsoft Product Activation implies a slightly different approach to legalization software. During installation, Windows users are invited to enter in the special field identification code, which is usually specified in the documentation for the operating system on the package a CD-ROM or in a set of documents supplied by the buyer with a new computer. Next Windows itself analyzes the user's computer hardware configuration, has consistently oprashivaya various devices and collecting data on hardware discovery, for example, hard drive serial number or processor. When scanning an analysis of only the basic hardware components, peripherals, in particular, printers, scanners, digital cameras, the analysis does not include configuration. In the process of analyzing the computer remains inviolable to all stored on discs private information and, therefore, remains fully anonymous user Windows. No details about the identity of the owner of the computer, the computer manufacturer, producing components, as well as the programs installed on the disk are not investigated and can not be transferred.

Naturally, because the mechanism of Microsoft Product Activation Windows has become more sensitive to changes in the configuration of your computer. To activate one copy of Windows can be only one personal computer. Reinstall Windows on a single computer user may be any number of times without re-activated, but only if in the process of reinstalling was not formatted the hard drive. If the hard disk has been formatted or the system is installed on a new hard drive, to repeat the activation. Reactivation is not necessary, since if the user has replaced the previous activation on your computer to all three components. When more than three components, or when buying a new computer you want to call the nearest Microsoft and indicate the need to reactivate the operating system on the phone. There are no restrictions on the replacement of peripheral devices (scanners, printers, digital photo and video cameras) is not imposed.

The procedure for activating Microsoft Windows Vista as a whole is identical to activate Windows XP, only with one exception: Activation Wizard generally does not like about yourself, and the system does not inform the user of any time has passed since the start of the 30-day trial period. Service activation did not manifest themselves until one day deadline did not expire, and then Windows simply refuses to work. That is why Windows Vista users should not forget the need to activate.

In order to activate Windows Vista, open the Center's initial setup by running the Start> All Programs> Accessories> Center Initial, and click on at the top of the window caption Show details. In the bottom of the system, you'll see information about the current state of activation of Windows Vista, the remaining number of days of the test period, below will show the product code of your OS. To begin to activate, click on the caption Activate Windows now.

Vista, click on the caption Activate Windows now

Connect to the Internet and in the box to activate Windows, click Activate Windows on the network, or click on the words Show other ways to activate to activate your OS on the phone. In the first case, activation will be done automatically within a few seconds when the process will be a mistake, you'll be offered an alternative way to perform activation. Overall, there are two such ways: via direct modem connection to the center activate Microsoft (direct modem dials the number nearest point of activation) or by telephone - in this case should click on the button to use an automated telephone system.

The most optimal activation with no connection to the Internet is activated by telephone. By selecting the menu in the place you live, you'll see in the window Activation Wizard free phone number with the code 8-800, which should call to activate Windows. After you answer a few questions representative of technical support Microsoft, you connect with automatic activation. Set your phone to the tone, and follow the instructions avtoovetchika enter with the phone keypad code installation. The resulting from the user's unique code installation checked in the information base of Microsoft, then you prodiktuet answering machine code (Confirmation ID), which must be entered in the appropriate fields, located at the bottom of the Activation Wizard. Since then, the operating system is considered to be activated, and the user can continue to work with her as usual.

The first acquaintance with the operating system Microsoft Windows typically begins with an examination of the main working space user - the desktop.

Those who previously have had to deal with class OS Windows 9X/ME/2000, design desktop certainly seem familiar and commonplace. At the bottom of the screen horizontally is the taskbar, where in selecting the appropriate command minimized windows open applications. The left bottom corner of the screen takes Start button, which opens access to the Windows Start menu and labels set in the program, just right is Quick Launch, which contains a number of icons used in conjunction with Windows applications and system commands. You can arbitrarily adjust the program icons are displayed in the Quick Launch.

In the lower right corner of the screen is a special area called the notification area. It displays a clock and icons of applications running in the background. At the main space of the desktop shortcuts can be installed on the disk programs that are run by double-clicking, as well as computer System icons, Network and documents. By default, the Windows desktop is displayed only basket - a special buffer folder that is used to store your files deleted. All the other icons you can put on the desktop as they wish.


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