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Enabling Windows XP

To combat the spread of pirated copies of its products, Microsoft has developed a new technology Microsoft Product Activation (MPA).

Until recently, users who choose to install on their computers, Windows 9x/2000, had to undergo optional registration procedure, which in addition to other information required to inform the center of a number of licensing Microsoft on its own. Thus, one copy of the operating system attributed to a specific user, sign up to its name. License users to access the most recent software updates, become a subscriber newsletters Microsoft reports about new products the company could benefit from a discount when buying the next version of Windows and, finally, in the event of a problem had the opportunity to seek assistance from the Technical Support . The buyer operating system could refuse to register and continue to use Windows in Normal mode.

Microsoft Product Activation implies a slightly different approach to legalization software. During installation, Windows XP users are invited to enter in the special field identification key product (Product Key), which is usually specified in the documentation for the operating system on the package a CD-ROM or in a set of documents supplied by the buyer with a new computer. Next Windows itself analyzes the user's computer hardware configuration, has consistently oprashivaya various devices and collecting data on hardware discovery, such as hard drive serial number or processor. When scanning an analysis of only the basic hardware components, peripherals, including printers, scanners, digital cameras, the analysis does not include configuration. In the process of analyzing the computer remains inviolable to all stored on discs private information and, therefore, remains fully anonymous user Windows. No details about the identity of the owner of the computer, the computer manufacturer, producing components, as well as the programs installed on the disk are not investigated and can not be transferred.

When you first start Windows XP automatically starts the Activation Wizard Windows (Fig. 3.6).

Based on information gathered during the analysis of configuration and user-entered the product key (Product Key) Activation Wizard generates a unique code installation (Installation ID). Installation ID unique to each individual computer and allows you to uniquely identify a computer to set its equipment. If your computer is connected to the Internet, the installation code can be transmitted to the Center for licensing Microsoft directly over the network, in which case the activation process takes a few seconds. If the buyer does not use Windows Internet, it can communicate its code install Microsoft employees in any other way: by letter, fax or call your local Microsoft office in your area (coordinates must be stated in the documentation for your operating system). Practice shows that the length of the telephone conversation ranges from five to fifteen minutes (see fig. 3.7.).

If a city where you live, there is no representation of Microsoft, the corporation is ready to assume the costs of intercity call to activate Windows. To do this, you should call the nearest regional center for Microsoft, to indicate their desire to activate the operating system and call your phone number: after a while Microsoft specialists are calling the listed number. In this case, a call (call back), regardless of its duration will pay Microsoft.

The resulting from the user's unique code installation checked in the information database Microsoft: if the copy of Microsoft Windows has not yet passed the activation process on the computer, users have reported the confirmation code (Confirmation ID), which he must put in the appropriate box on request Activation Wizard. Since then, the operating system is considered to be activated, and the user can continue to work with her as usual. To get activated, the buyer operating system has 30 days from the time you install Windows XP. If during this time activation was not, downloading and the continued use of Windows become impossible.

Thus, the technology Microsoft Product Activation links software is not user, but to your computer hardware and unrelated to the procedure of registration, and the remainder optional. In the process of activating or after the user can register your copy of Windows XP, Microsoft reported in a series of data about themselves, after which he receives all the benefits of the registered user's Windows. However, registration can be waived, the features in the operating system it will not change.

Naturally, because the mechanism of Microsoft Product Activation Windows has become more sensitive to changes in the configuration of your computer. To activate one copy of Windows can be only one personal computer. Reinstall Windows XP on one computer user can arbitrary number of times without re-activated, but only if in the process of reinstalling was not formatted the hard drive. If it was not formatted or the system is installed on a new hard disk, to repeat the activation. Reactivation is not necessary if since the last user replaced on his computer until all three components. When more than three components, or when buying a new computer you want to call the nearest Microsoft and indicate the need to reactivate the operating system on the phone. There are no restrictions on the replacement of peripheral devices (scanners, printers, digital camera and camcorder) is not imposed.


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