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Erg-exercises to improve posture
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"Looking at the sky"
The aim of this activity - the removal of harmful effects from the fixed seating for a long period of time and prevention of hernia of lumbar intervertebral discs.

Posa: standing, hands on hips are
Slowly recede looking to the sky.
Return to starting position.


The objective - to strengthen the back of the neck muscles to improve posture and prevent pain in the neck. Exercise helps prevent:
 syndrome carpal canal
 stretching his neck forward
dysfunction temporomandibular joint nizhnechelyustnogo
slipped disc cervical
syndrome top aperture chest

Posa: sitting or standing, look to directly, rather than up and down.
Nadab index finger to chin, making the movement neck back.

In this position should remain within 5 seconds.

The purpose of exercises:
enhancing blood flow to the hands;
defuse tensions in the wrists and palms;
Remove products from the carpal
channel and palms.

Posa: sitting, his hands are on the elbow, wrist should be vytyanuty palms down.
Abra-: slowly squeeze the hand in fist.
Kadabra: slow Decompress fists.

To achieve the desired result of these exercises should be repeated at least 10 times.
Syndrome of carpal canal
Syndrome of carpal tunnel (SZK) is basically an injured wrist. To understand its essence, it is necessary to understand the physiology. Wrist - this is the place of the radius and ulna (forearm bone) and eight hand bones (small bones of the hand). Through the carpal canal pass the median nerve and muscle tendons 9 brush. The median nerve provides the sensitivity of the large, index and middle fingers of the hand, the surface of anonymous finger facing the big fingers, as well as the back side of the same finger tips. Median nerve innerviruet muscles for movement of large, index and middle fingers.
Pathological condition called syndrome carpal tunnel (SZK), is caused by the denial of the median nerve in the carpal tunnel. It occurs when the median nerve swelling and / or tendons brush. More often than not SZK - it PVPN as a result of long seating for a computer with the incorrect posture.
Accruing injury causes the accumulation of products in the carpal tunnel. If the user does not make regular breaks and does not perform simple exercises for the erg-brush, products of causing swelling and later development of SZK.
Not all cases of pain in the wrist are due SZK. Other syndromes, such as:
slipped cervical disc,
syndromes of the upper chest or aperture
infringement shoulder
often mistakenly diagnose as SZK. The next section describes the symptoms of SZK and exercises for its prevention.
Symptoms SZK:
• The searing pain and pricking in the area of divergence branches median nerve (wrist, hand and the fingers, except mizintsa).
• The weakening of the muscles for movement of thumb.
• pain and numbness, forcing wake.
• clumsiness and weakness of the affected hand.
How to avoid pain (prevention):

• Ergonomic organization of the workplace to minimize the workload of the area carpal tunnel.
• Erg-stretching and exercises to strengthen muscles wrist and hand. Regular breaks in the mouse and keyboard.
• The correct posture. Provides for a change in posture about twice an hour.
• Erg-drill for the treatment of SZK to stretch the muscles wrists and palms.
• Ergonomic organization of the workplace to minimize the workload of the area carpal tunnel.
• Avoid or at least minimize activities that cause pain.
• Put ice on the affected area.
• At night, wear a special splint on the wrist, hand and fingers fixing in rastopyrennom "position. This leads to the release of the median nerve in a dream - when symptoms SZK occur most frequently.
• Improved posture to reduce tension in the wrist.
• Changing lifestyles to prevent further damage.
Still the situation
The prolonged stay in the same posture causes muscles to work continuously without rest. PVPN and PTVRK may arise as a result of fixed seats, where because of a lack of adequate rest or a change in posture in the muscles accumulate products of decay, painful.
• To remove the products and feeding the muscles need adequate blood supply. Even a slight change of the body every half hour shifts the burden to other muscles, thus allowing muscles to rest and fuel (nutrition).
The muscles that support the position of the body (posture)
Muscle back, neck and abdomen support the vertical position of his body. They must receive blood, sufficient to provide a vertical position and head straight back during the day. Strong muscles help maintain the correct posture for longer periods of time and increase productivity.

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