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Erg-exercises to prevent PVPN
Категория: English version

"Talking with your hands"
The purpose of exercises:
• stretch muscles, razgibateley wrist and fingers (the muscles that pass through the carpal tunnel and members of the hand).
• Increased flow of blood to vessels passing through the wrist and hand.
• Prevention syndrome carpal tunnel.

Posa: sitting or standing, left arm extended at shoulder level.
Tilting left brush back, so that the fingers were directed at the ceiling, right hand gently pull back the fingers on his left hand, slightly otgibaya brush ago.

In this position should remain within 10 seconds.

"Pripodnimanie cover table
Strengthening the wrist extensor (muscles that pass from the wrist up the inside of the elbow).
• Prevention syndrome carpal tunnel.

Posa: sit, lie back on the armrest, while the brush under the lid, palms up table
Push your hands on the inner surface of the lid table, Push the forearm muscles, carrying out the movement.

In this position should remain within 10 seconds.
The meaning of the exercises is to strengthen the muscles in order to strengthen them.
To achieve the desired result of these exercises is recommended to repeat at least 10 times.

The regular implementation of erg-exercises will strengthen those muscles and help to achieve the following results: increased blood flow, remove products of decay, causing muscle pain, reduce fatigue, increase overall productivity and efficiency.
Visual prevention
• tight turn a blind eye hands, so that through them has not been published. Keep that in order to landing was easy. Particular attention - at the back and neck, they must be direct and relaxation. Closing his eyes, try to see before my eyes totally black. Will this not be immediately likely, always will be colored strip rombiki and sputter. What will the black color, the better relaxed eyes. Many people with weak blizorukostyu can achieve full restoration of view immediately after the completion of this activity.
• Close your eyes, looking through ever in the sun (or bright light), rotate the eye to the right-left, making a circular motion. After graduation exercises tight squeeze ever for a few seconds. Exercise is more than a relaxing and exciting nature, so when he recommended an exercise described above.
There is another version of the exercises. Except that it's with its implementation must be quickly blink eyes, not close them. Now bends to the right-left can participate not only his eyes, but the head.

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