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Ergonomic organization of the workplace
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Even the most ergonomic equipment in the world will not help you avoid illness, if you use it correctly. Follow the simple tips for organizing ergonomic work space, you can prevent the further development of disease.

The scientific organization working space is based on data on the average range-hand man - 35-40 see the Middle zone corresponds to an area covered with hand crowded elbow to the torso, distant zone - an area stretched hands.
Using the keyboard.
Wrong hands with the press on the keyboard leads to chronic tension brush. It is important not so much push the keyboard from the edge of the table and rely on a special brush site, but keep elbows parallel to the surface of the table and at right angles to the shoulder. Therefore, the keyboard should be at 10-15 cm (depending on the length of the elbow) from the edge of the table. In this case load is not accounted for the brush, in which the veins and tendons are close to the surface of the skin, but at a "myasistuyu" of the elbow. Today, ergonomic models are the best area for the keyboard by the location of the monitor in the widest part of the table. The depth of the table allows you to fully put elbows on the table, otodvinuv keyboard to monitor.

Location monitor.
The monitor, usually located too close. There are several scientific theories, on different important factors determining the optimal distance from the eyes to the monitor. For example, it is recommended to keep the monitor at a distance stretched hands But at the same time that people should be able to decide how far will be a monitor.
That is why the design of modern tables allow the situation to change the depth of the monitor in a wide range. The upper limit at eye level or lower than 15 cm below the eye.

The internal volume.
Important factor is the space Table-boards. The height of our tables correspond to accepted standards, and is 74, see also necessary to note that the space under the seat and table should be enough to make it convenient to bend and unbend his knees.
It would seem that the requirements for it to formulate an easy - it should be easy. But that's not all. Your home should provide physiologically sound working posture in which blood circulation is not violated and no other harmful effects. Armchair need to be with arms and be able to rotate, change the height and tilt the seat and back. It is desirable to be able to adjust the height and distance between the armrests, the distance from the back to the front edge of the seat. It is important that all the adjustment
independent, easy to implement and have a solid record. Your home should be regulated, with the possibility of revolution to reach the far objects.

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