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In the first half of the XIX century English mathematician Bebidzh tried to build a universal computing device, ie computer. It was his first hit upon the computer must contain memory and managed through the program.
In the 40-ies of the XX century. several groups of researchers try again Bebidzha based on the technology of the time.
The first of these was the German engineer Konrad Tsuze, who in 1941 built a small computer on the basis of several electrical-mechanical relays. But because of the war work Tsuze not been published.
And in the USA in 1943 at a business from IBM àmerikanets G. Achen has created a more powerful computer, called "Mark-1". It allows computing hundreds of times faster than by hand.
Since relays are working very slowly, then starting in 1943, the U.S. team of specialists start to design a computer called "ENIAC" on the basis of electron tubes. Created by computer has worked a thousand times faster than the Mark-1. However, most of the time he prostaival because to enter the program, it accounted for several hours or days to connect wires, but the calculations were within a few minutes or seconds.
The great step forward was the creation of microprocessors that size does not exceed a few square centimeters (1970). It is thanks to them we see the computer what it is, that is a small processing unit and monitor.

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