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Loading the alternative mode
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Loading a system of alternative treatment may be needed if in the process of working with Microsoft Windows unexpectedly have any failures or mistakes, which eliminated the usual methods fail. Here is a vivid illustration of a possibility of alternative modes: suppose you decide to use Windows XP driver of a new device, but after its installation revealed that the computer is started «stop» in the boot process, not allowing to enter the system and remove the «bad» driver . Start Windows in the protection of failures (Safe Mode), you can eliminate the defect, then get the opportunity again to boot the computer in the staffing mode.

When you turn on your computer, without waiting for start Windows, press F8. On the menu is an alternative system of loading Windows Advanced Options Menu.

When the arrow keys, select the desired mode boot from the list, then press Enter. Among the available modes need to download the following:

Safe Mode-security mode of failure. In this mode, Windows will load into memory only the drivers and services that are minimally required for the system, ie, software modules, causing disruptions in the normal boot Windows, will not be used. You can delete or customize them in Safe Mode, and then restart the system normally. It should be noted that in the protection of malfunctions Windows does not load the drivers support network and video computer forcibly set to VGA, therefore, fully operational with a computer in this case is impossible. Set up your system in the protection of failures, and then restart the computer in the staffing mode;
Safe Mode with Networking-protection regime of failure to support the network. In addition to basic drivers and services will be loaded into memory as drivers of network adapters and protocols of data transmission that will allow you to work with local network in a limited mode;
Safe Mode with Command Prompt-the regime was included in the menu instead of downloading an alternative mode Command Prompt Only, well familiar to users Windows9x. In this case, Windows also runs in the protection of failures, but instead of a graphical user interface on the screen displays a window emulate MS-DOS, which you can perform all the teams to work with DOS disks and files. When using this mode should remember that you are working on it with an emulator DOS, but did not start the session DOS, allowing the use of all functions of the operating system, so some teams may not be available. If desired objective can not be solved in Safe Mode with Command Prompt, used for this purpose Recovery Console;

Enable Boot Logging-in the launch of Windows will consistently record information about how to download a file in bootlog.txt, which later you will be able to analyze in the search for causing disruptions or problems unstable operating module;
Enable VGA Mode-Windows will start using Video VGA. In this case will involve standard driver, additional drivers will not be loaded;
Last Known Good Configuration-in this mode, Windows will zagruzhatsyas use the registry entries made in the last unloading system when Windows is running normally and smoothly. For example, restart the computer in normal mode, you install a new driver, causing «crash» and the need for emergency reboot. In the Last Known Good Configuration Windows will use the registry entries made during the previous normal restart when «bad» driver has not yet been set;
Directory Services Restore Mode - Mode is intended for use on a network server in order to restore the damaged folders SYSVOL (public Folder, which stores copies of files shared server for this domain) and Active Directory. Active Directory-is a special service that allows you to store information on various local network and opening access to information for users and system administrators. Active Directory allows you to access network resources available to all network users using a single procedure for authentication. For system administrators Active Directory offers an opportunity to work comfortably with the network and manage all network sites using a single connection;
Debugging Mode-if you install Windows on your computer you are using the mechanism of Remote Installation Services, this mode allows you to upload take advantage of additional opportunities for disaster recovery system using Remote Installation Services;
Start Windows normally-launch Windows in the staffing mode;
Reboot-restart your computer;
Return to OS Choices Menu - closing menu of alternative loading and return to select the operating system multizagruzchika a re-run the Windows normally, if multizagruzchik on your computer is idle.

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