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On Legalization. Price Errors!
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One of the most pressing problems in the modern company is a technological factors, in particular, issues with software licensing are difficult and costly process. Some of the mistakes committed by IT-department of the company, but the most dangerous is the incompetence in the licensing of companies that specializes in implementing software.

A common mistake, arising from the desire of these companies to save the customer is illiterate and dangerous approach to implementation. This, for example, the installation of OEM-versions of programs on existing PCs, the company subsequently leads to enormous problems. Appointment of OEM-versions quite different. Such software can be installed only on new PCs, the process of its sale. In the case of buying OEM versions without a PC - this is the same criminal offense as the use of pirated software. It faces fines, suspension of the company, and then - with new costs to already «correct» legalization on with the help of professionals in this field.

In the process of legalization also is to pay attention to companies offering prices far below market, often it unfair of establishing unlicensed and defective product. Asks the consultants certified by the manufacturer, it will save from mistakes!

Any software to be installed in accordance with specific business objectives of the company. And if the effective work of the staff of your company is a standard package of Office, something no need to buy Office Professional, which offers a software company manager. The cost of this is not so deep approach may be overpaid for unwanted software functionality. The same applies to the number of licenses offered to introduce you to a specialist. Do not buy unnecessary, looking for competent and attentive vendors and consultants!

Based on the identified problems, a matter of choice certified, literate assistant and advisor on the sale, the introduction of licensed particularly relevant. In the software business serious and professional firms may be few - only those that are officially authorized from the producers of software and guarantee of competent professionals for sales, consulting and implementation of software products.

Staff Softway, demonstrating an integrated approach to the legalization of software, the need for auditing of the software directly to the purchase of programs and assess the feasibility of acquiring any software. Next, you'll need to pay particular attention to the selection scheme for licensing in continuous contact with licensed professionals. Needless to explain that this procedure can be difficult to hold only those employees whose professional standards confirmed by the centers of learning and certification of producers. The existence of such evidence, and suggests that professionals Softway could entrust such an important milestone in the history of your company.

Some of the most recent achievements of the company Softway - a higher status from Microsoft and authorizes the company Autodesk. Gold Certified Partner Microsoft - a sign of high capacity assessment company for IT-market, as well as strong professional recognition of the quality of staff.

Obtaining authorization from a key producer of CAD solutions, the company Autodesk, - this is a consequence of the recognition of high professional level of employees Softway: trained and certified by Autodesk staff have a comprehensive high-quality advice and technical support for licensing and implementation of products for its customers.

Adding that Softway is also the official certified partner of the majority of world producers.

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