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Opportunities for Windows XP

Microsoft Windows XP has the broadest functionality. Some features of Windows XP, you can take complements and improving the functions specific to older products Microsoft, but most of them are unique properties of a new version of Windows, which is clearly lacking in previous implementations of system platforms, Microsoft.

Safety System
The stability and continuity of the Windows XP provides a variety of means. One of them - automatic backup of the key components of the system. The special feature is the System Restore (System Restore), which is still used in the composition of OC Windows ME/2000, continued in Windows XP. In a special box containing a calendar and a list of systemic changes, the user can select an arbitrary date from the time you install Windows, then automatically restored the system corresponding to that date. Thus, in the case of failures with Windows XP user can return system in a configuration in which it operated stably. In addition, Windows XP is equipped with the special mechanisms for the rehabilitation of older versions of device drivers (Driver Rollback), which applies if the new version of the driver of a device is unstable, as well as special algorithms reconstruction of damaged applications user (function Automated System Recovery) .

It is a group of security constitute built into the operating system modules designed for computer anti-virus protection and to protect against unauthorized access to information stored on disk. In particular, a set of tools for connecting to the Internet is equipped with a special set of dynamic software filters ICF (Internet Connection Firewall). This module ensures the safety of computers connected to the Internet on dial-up telephone channels using a modem, through a local network or using a direct connection. In the framework of the Internet Connection Firewall was laid Technology Network Address Translator (NAT), which allows the system to analyze from the Internet requests for access to a computer or local network. All suspicious requests, in particular, resort to various ports of a computer scanning programs such as a custom module pirated remote administration tool Back Orifice, immediately otsekayutsya operating system.

Controlled Network Access feature is used to control the remote connections to the computer on the network. Each user, connected to a network computer that is running Windows XP, appointed by the authority guest, which does not allow him to change system settings or gain access to system files. Any attempt by a remote user to assign a higher privilege or connect to your machine on the Rights of the administrator (for example, by running over passwords) immediately fixed the system. None of the users' local network except those who gave himself the owner of a computer relevant powers will not be able to fully control the resources of Windows XP or change the configuration of the operating system.

For additional protection of the personal computer with Microsoft Windows XP provides a special mechanism - Policy policy restrictions (Software Restriction Policies). The policy limits the program allows flexibility to manage the implementation process on your computer and impose restrictions on the performance of some programs. In particular, installed on the computer software can be strictly controlled - you can decide how, when, where and under what conditions to allow the launch of a program or prohibit the execution of a program at all. In Windows XP also has a special module for the removal of the virus suspected of Java applets and ActiveX, downloadable from the Internet.

The first thing that worries usually Windows users in switching to another operating system version, it is an issue of compatibility with the software. It is often almost impossible to predict in advance whether the run is running regular Windows implementation of the old accounting program or game can not be used has already become a commonplace word, or would have to install a new one.
In Windows XP, the problem of compatibility of different software applications with the operating system is solved effectively. The developers have incorporated into the new OS function Mode (Compatibility Mode), creating a program originally designed to work with earlier versions of Windows, an appropriate environment. A special section of system folders stored set of dynamic libraries, which may be necessary to run various old software. Compatibility mode provides support for applications in the treatment Windows 95, Windows NT 4.0, Windows 98/ME and Windows 2000. If one of these operating systems is your program works correctly, it will be stable and work with Windows XP.

Hardware compatibility
Another important issue for the user - support for the operating system installed in your computer equipment, and more specifically - all of the required drivers.

Windows XP supports the standard ISA, USB, PCI, SCSI, PS / 2, is working with devices Plug and Play. If your equipment works on Windows 2000 or Windows ME, most likely it will work with Windows XP. Some difficulties might arise except that, with the number of obsolete devices connected to the ISA bus standard and do not support Plug and Play. In addition to other equipment Windows XP by default supports many new peripheral devices such as digital photo and video cameras, scanners, USB-microphones, equipment for Internet telephony and videoconferencing, digital scanners, DVD, VHS-digital video recorders, many modern network cards. In addition, the operating system allows computers to fully utilize the resources collected at the 64-bit Intel and AMD processors with clock frequencies above 1 GHz.

Sharing resources

Technology WebDAV (Web Digital Authoring & Versioning), based on the possible protocol HTTP, allows different users to Windows XP to work with the same file over the Internet, as well as publish and edit files directly on the server. In particular, the use of WebDAV users can download to a remote Web server of a document and modify it as if the document is stored on their local drive. Using co-editing WebDAV help, for example, draw up the text of a commercial contract or scientific paper with the colleagues who live in another city or another country.

Technology of Remote Desktop Connection (Remote Desktop), used in Windows XP Professional Edition, enables you to run applications on a remote computer running this version, with any computer equipped with any version of Microsoft Windows, the user can manage applications with the keyboard and mouse, as well as receive on-screen image of the network running the program. The technology - a universal solution for sharing resources in a distributed computing environment. You can access your computer and set it on the program literally from anywhere, at any time and from any other computer (for example, a laptop), it is important only that the computer uses Microsoft Windows. Remote Desktop Connection works even on slow lines with low capacity. Using this feature, you can contact your home computer while you're on vacation or business trip, quickly getting access to stored on disks, files and documents, or to connect from home with a computer located in the office to continue to abort or to use access to corporate network. Remote Desktop Connection offers great opportunities for system administrators to remote administration of the local network with the corporate server with the home computer. The technology also includes the following features:

redirects file system. Local file system Windows XP is available from a remote computer user throughout a communication session. You can refer to files and folders as if working from a network drive, there is no need to install any additional network connections except for the Remote Desktop;
Divert the press. You can print to a local printer, any documents from the remote machine without having to copy them to your disk. If you are connecting from a remote computer to install Windows XP will detect your system is connected to a local printer, all necessary drivers are installed automatically;
call forwarding ports. With this function, the program running on a remote computer, turn to serial and parallel ports of your machine. For example, you can send to the remote location information received from your scanner or other local facilities;
channel audio. Using Remote Desktop Connection you can listen on your computer audio files stored on the disc remote machine;
sharing of the clipboard. Throughout the conversation, connection, in the Remote Desktop, you can use the clipboard to manage data on a remote computer, for example, running on a remote machine, Microsoft Word, to allocate part of text document and use the Copy, paste the text editor Notepad, loaded on the local machine. Similarly, you can move through the clipboard data, and in the opposite direction, from a local computer remotely.

Remote Assistance
Have you ever tried to customize Windows by phone or help the less experienced friend to deal with unexpected problems encountered, especially if victim can not plainly explain what happened to his car? Forget about it. Using the utility Remote Assistance (Remote Assistance) from the set of Windows XP, you will be able to inspect the computer novice user to identify the problem and to offer him the best way to treatment.

Remote Assistant realized based messaging program Windows Messenger, but you can take them via e-mail, both on a local network or through the Internet. In general scheme of the Remote Assistance is as follows.

A user who requires skilled care (conventionally call it Kettle) sends his more experienced colleagues ('ll call it for simplicity Pro) special request encrypted format XML, called ticket. This will prevent the penetration of computer Chaynika any detractors, as the only Pro can decode the message and use it to connect to a remote computer.

When you communicate with your computer kettle, Profi sees on his screen window, which shows the problems, then can send their Chayniku recommendations to address the problem by e-mail, or to discuss the problem of live using Windows Messenger. In doing so, Teapot retains full control over your computer, though, if necessary, may transfer the management of its Pro keyboard and mouse to a deal with the problem itself.

Safety use Remote Assistance to the client provides the following measures:

Kettle may limit the duration of a communication session with Professor interval of time from 1 minute to 99 days. By default, the duration of a session is 1 hour;
at the end of a communication session with all the necessary authentication information is automatically deleted, that would not Profi re-establish a connection without the knowledge Kettles;
optional connection with a password, which will report Teapot Profi by phone or in person. Thus, the Teapot is fully guaranteed to penetrate your computer foreign detractors.

Objectively evaluate the pros and cons of this technology is still difficult because a small number of users and installed on PCs and Windows XP. However, we can assume that in certain situations Remote Assistance Force to save enough qualified users from having to go to the other end of the city to help find a friend on the screen click Start, or run on the floor businesses, to help chief secretary quit Microsoft Excel.

Sending and Receiving Faxes
If you use a computer running an operating system Microsoft Windows XP, you do not need a fax. In order to receive or send faxes using Windows XP, need a fax-modem and does not require any additional software. System Utility Service fax (Fax Sharing) is closely integrated with your mail client Microsoft Outlook, that allows you to send faxes to all users on the list of contacts, read from the screen came faxes and put them into print, as well as receive notification of sending a fax via e-mail . A user can send, along with a special fax cover sheet, attach standard header for each message or create a corporate form to send faxes. Sake fax modem and configuration programs are implemented through the wizard and do not cause great difficulties. It should be noted that a fax module of Windows XP is fully compatible with similar units Back Office Server and Small Business Server.

Automation of the network
In the development of Microsoft Windows XP specialists tried whenever possible to facilitate setup and configure the network, making it accessible even to those users who are unfamiliar with the network technology. Now to combine multiple computers running Windows XP, a small home LAN, you can use user-friendly aids Windows, which takes the bulk of the work on setting up the network. In home network organization can simultaneously access the Internet using a computer equipped with conventional or cable modem.

Much better support mnogosegmentnyh small networks. If one of the members of the network of computers connected to the other through wireless technology Radio Ethernet, another - via infrared, and the third - the normal twisted pair, Windows 2000, each segment is perceived as a separate subnet. From the user required to set up a protocol for head machines each network segment, to appoint a number of sub-networks, specify the algorithms transfer IP-packets between networks. Windows XP takes mnogosegmentnye local area network as a single IP-network, which is much easier to configure.

Of course, a simplified version of the settings of network connections is good for small home networks and is not suitable for corporate distributed systems. That is why the complete Windows XP Professional provides mechanisms for a more complex configuration and administration of local networks.


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