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Playing audio and video files
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The main purpose of the program Media Player Windows Media - is playing audio and video files of different formats. Immediately after installing Windows XP, most of multimedia files such as audio WAV, MP3 and MIDI, as well as video format, MPEG, are already associated in the player Windows Media, and they play a double-click the icon corresponding file. However, play audio and video with Windows Media Player can be in other ways.

To listen to or view multimedia files stored on the hard drive of your computer or on disc one connected to a network of computers, it is necessary to do the following:

Start Windows Media Player sequence of commands Start-> All Programs-> Accessories-> Entertainment-> Player Windows Media (Start-> All Programs-> Accessories-> Entertainment-> Windows Media Player);
Click File (File) at the top of the Windows Media Player and appeared in command menu, click Open (Open);
in the dialog box, open the file point the way and the name of the corresponding audio or video, then click Open (Open).
In order to play the file, located in one of the Internet servers, click on the link indicating the file either by running player Windows Media, select Open the address URL (Open URL) in command from the File menu (File), and then, pointing URL to a file, click the button OK.

To control the playback of files is the number of special buttons to the toolbar across the bottom of the window Proigryvatelya Windows Media:

Play (Play) - start playing the file;
Pause (Pause) - pause playback;
Stop (Stop) - stop playing the file.

Buttons fast it can control the current position of playing audio or video clip, their appointment (from left to right) the following:

play the previous file;
play the next file;
In order to adjust the volume or audio playback, video, audio track, place your cursor over the volume and, holding the left mouse button, move it in the right direction.

In the same way to move the regulator play to start listening to file with the correct position (focused on the testimony of a timer and an indicator recording).

To arrange a continuous playback of an audio CD or audio files use the Play-> Repeat (Play-> Repeat), a record for playing the CD-ROM or audio files in random order - playback features-> In random order ( Play-> Shuffle), or simply press the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + H.

Eject the CD from your CD-ROM drive will combine «shortcuts» Ctrl + E.

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