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Preventive methods that reduce fatigue while working for a computer
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Founded on the principles ErgAerobics, injury prevention program, significantly reduce the likelihood of becoming a victim PTVRK. Erg-aerobics, developed by two experts in the field of therapeutic physical education, or medical ergonomics ", includes the most innovative principles of ergonomics, prevention and rehabilitation exercises.
Let's call this proposed activity "erg-exercise" (ErgErcises). Erg-exercise increases stamina and productivity of the user's computer. They can perform at any time and any place. Erg-exercises are simple, not attracting attention and take very little time. They can perform in the coffee break, talking on the phone or waiting at a bus stop. They help humans to support excellent physical shape and imperceptibly becomes a natural way to work - healthy and painless.
Human position

Human position - that provision, which makes your body when you sit behind a computer. Proper posture is essential for disease prevention, neck, hands, feet and back. There is a need both to organize a job that posture was best that reduce the risk of PVPN and PTVRK.
Proper posture
When the computer is best to sit on a 2.5 cm higher than usual. Ears should be located precisely in the plane of the shoulders. Shoulders should be located precisely over the hips. The head need to keep sharp in relation to both shoulders, head should not bend to one side. Looking down, the head should be exactly over the neck and not bend forward. A more detailed description of the job is below.
Incorrect posture
In the following types of improper posture and the likelihood PVPN PTVRK increases.
Crooked position:
• increase the already heavy workload on the spine.
• Causes the liquid contents of intervertebral discs lumbar spine ottekat ago
• causes excessive strength of muscles that support posture.

Crooked situation can lead to disease:
 syndrome carpal canal

slipped lumbar disks.
slipped cervical disc.
The head of an advanced
Such a posture often occur for the following reasons:
• looking at the screen, the user strain that forced him stretch his neck forward;
• sitting in this position, it must tilt the head back to see the object, located directly in front of you. This reinforces the sagging cervical spine;
pull the head forward voltage causes the muscles founding head and neck, which restricts blood flow in vessels of the neck, that is blood head and outflow of blood from it. Intense muscle at the base of the head and neck at the head stretching forward could lead to the following violations:
pain in the neck
pain in the hand and a brush
Line shoulders is not exactly above the line thighs and under the line of the ears. Droop is causing excessive strain on the shoulder tendon, which leads to stress the shoulder muscles. Droop can lead to development:
 syndrome carpal canal
syndrome infringement shoulder.

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