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Print Manager
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Print Manager (Print Manager) - a special tool included with Windows XP, which is designed to manage a line of print. Before we proceed to discuss practical tools for working with the utility manager, the press, let us explain the term «turn the press».

Because Microsoft Windows XP is built on a multitasking architecture, is an operating system can simultaneously perform many different tasks such as processing of several documents sent by the user to print. At the same time, printer capable of printing at one time, only one document, which makes it quite slowly (if, of course, this printer is not a professional printing equipment). Thus, all documents sent to print the user from a local computer or network, arranged the operating system in place and appear on the paper one by one as the release of the printing device. Such a turn and is known in the print queue. To perform various control procedures with a print queue, there is a specialized tool Print Manager.

Call the screen window manager you can print in several different ways:

Move to Folder Printers and Faxes (Printers and Faxes) from the Control Panel folder, or Start menu, click twice (in the classic presentation of interface elements Windows) or once (in the case of web-submission interface) to sign the required printer;
if the printer has sent any task notification area displays the System Tray icon for your printer. Double click on this icon will cause the screen window manager press.
The first two of the above ways is more universal, because it allows the manager to contact the press, even if the printer is not sent at all, no problems.

Managing a print queue using the Task Manager is only possible for local printers that are connected directly to your computer. Changing the print queue for network printers in this way is impossible - these restrictions were imposed developers of Windows XP in order to prevent or unintended harm, which could cause another user connected to the LAN computers.

Using the interface manager print, you'll be able to fully manage the process of printing documents on your computer.

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