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Reduced-occupied Windows XP disk space
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After the installation of Windows XP takes to drive about 1.5 gigabytes, with the installation of Windows will include many components that are in the process of working with the operating system is unlikely to be used. Are there ways to reduce the size of a copy of Windows XP, removing the entire disc with «garbage»? Yes, of course, exist.

Having completed the installation of Windows XP, install and configure all the drivers you use the equipment, then go to the folder in which you installed Windows XP (for example C: \ Windows), go to a subfolder Driver Cache, locate it in a subfolder I386, which stores all device drivers included with your Windows, and destroy it. Thus, you save about 100 MB of disk space. In the event that subsequently become necessary to install Windows XP in new equipment, you have to take advantage of distributive CD. If you do not plan to use the Help and Support (Help and Support Center), you can remove all the contents of subfolders Help folder, install Windows, except files bnts.dll, sniffpol.dll, sstub.dll and tshoot.dll (savings - about 60 megabytes ).

In Windows XP, there is a cache system libraries, designed for automatic recovery in case of injury or loss. This cache is physically located in a folder DllCash, located in the System32 folder, subfolder install Windows XP, and the default cache size is 400 MB. The first step is to configure the maximum size of the cache system so that when re-loading system is not filled this folder automatically. To do this, open the Quick Start program, following the sequence of commands Start-> Run (Start-> Run), and type in the following command:

sfc / cachesize = X

where X - the maximum allowable size of the system cache in megabytes, which can be set between 0 and 400. We recommend that you leave the maximum size of the system cache of at least 50 MB. Now you can open the folder you install Windows XP, then move to a subfolder System32 \ DllCash and delete all files stored in it.

Using the command sfc / cachesize = 0 to install the system cache size to zero may adversely affect the performance of Windows XP and its resistance to software failures. In this case, saving disk space sooner or later lead to the need to re-reinstall Windows.

Quite a large amount of disk space you can save by deleting all your unused software Windows XP, such as online games, graphics editor Paint, the program Microsoft Net Meeting, Movie Maker, MSN Exlorer, Windows Messenger, or any other. By default, Windows XP can not uninstall those supplied to its delivery program, but there «trick», through which you can correctly remove all unnecessary components of Windows XP.

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