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Restoring Windows
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If in the process of working with a computer, your copy of Windows XP, for whatever reason, be damaged and you can not run the system, it is possible to restore functionality without the need to re-reinstall. One of the most common causes of inability to start Windows is damaged boot record or system files necessary to implement the download. Of the major symptoms indicating a damaged system files, or that boot record spoiled, you can list the following:

when the power is turned on the computer screen, you receive one of the following error messages:
missing operating system (OS lost);
invalid partition table (damaged data allocation table);
invalid system disk (corrupted system disk);
disk boot failure (it is not possible to boot from CD);
a disk read error occurred (error occurred disk);
insert (replace) system disk and press any key (insert a floppy disk system inazhmite any key);
hard disk failed / absent (waiver or a hard disk error);
hard disk error / I / O error (error hard drive / input-output);
after the completion of test phase BIOS computer crash occurs;
not a multi-boot menu;
the computer hangs right after you see the Verifying DMI Pool data.
The most difficult is to restore a damaged system, if Windows is installed in disk partition containing the file table NTFS, and thus you can not use the boot disks and special utilities DOS. Also, some difficulties may lead to the restoration of the damaged boot record Windows XP, which can be erased by some utilities DOS, for example, the program FDISK. For these purposes, the developers made a special arrangement that called Recovery Console (RC), or the Recovery Console.

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