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«Rolling» to previous versions of Microsoft Windows
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Often, after you install Windows XP on a variety of reasons, there is a need to revert to an earlier version of Microsoft Windows, such as Windows 9x/ME, while preserving the possibility of booting Windows XP. Unfortunately, when you install «default» Windows 9x/ME destroys the boot sector, Windows XP, instead placing it on a disc custom boot record, thus you will lose access to multiple boot menu, even in the top section of the disk to save files and boot ntldr . ini. In order to painlessly install Windows 9x/ME «over» Windows XP, while preserving the opportunity to boot into the operating system, you must do the following.

Navigate to the folder where Windows stores distribution 9h or Windows Millennium, Find the it file msbatch.inf (if such a file in the distribution does not exist, create a simple text file with this name) and record it the following lines:


CleanBoot = 0

Now you can boot into MS-DOS and begin installing Windows 98/ME in normal mode, because the installer Windows 9x does not destroy the boot sector XP. After installation is complete, you will only edit the appropriate file boot.ini, to include the option of Startup menu in Windows 9x/ME multizagruzchika.

Installation of Windows 9x/ME «over» Windows XP should be implemented only in its own disk partition. Do not install an earlier version of Windows in a section where there are already stored Windows XP, and even more so - in the same system folder.

In most cases, the distribution at Windows 9x/ME is a CD-ROM that completely eliminates the ability to create files in it. Furthermore: Microsoft licensing discs contain so-called image (ISO), resulting in an attempt to copy files with such a CD to your hard disk will entail damage to a copy of the distribution and installation of Windows will fail. If you are installing Windows 9x/ME with the distribution CD-ROM, create a file on your hard drive msbatch.inf as described earlier, and then restart the computer in MS-DOS and start installing Windows by using the following commands:

Drive: \ put_k_distributivu \ setup.exe drive: \ put_k file \ msbatch.inf

For example, if you boot to DOS from the boot floppy, file msbatch.inf stored in the root folder of drive C:, and distribution Windows 9x/ME - CD-ROM drive E:, the team will be:


If the boot sector is damaged
If you have already installed Windows 9x/ME from MS-DOS with a drive installed prior to Windows XP, you could lose access to multizagruzchiku, leaving when my computer will immediately boot Windows 9x, and multiple boot menu no longer appear on the screen. A similar effect can be achieved by performing during the conversation, DOS command sys c:.

The most unpleasant in this situation is that you will not be able to run the Recovery Console, because the version of her boot was «buried» along with multizagruzchikom Windows XP, and the use of an emergency floppy disk recovery in danger of Pre-disk partitions, and as a consequence - the loss of stored their information. In turn, the prospect reinstall Windows XP unlikely to be able to please the user.

Boggle such a situation should not be. Indeed, in this case not to be anything other than to begin installing Windows XP again. However, reinstall the system did not need. Start the installation of Windows XP and wait until the first restart, followed by the installation, you can stop: the boot sector will be restored. You will only edit the appropriate file boot.ini, then you can use the Windows 9x and Windows XP normally.

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