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Run Windows

Running Windows, is a set of sequential steps, which do not require user intervention. Downloading Windows automatically after the computer. There is a certain scheme of the operating system.
The first occurs after the computer boot BIOS (basic input / output system), which is in permanent memory and determine the composition of the hardware, how to control a PC devices.
For those for the performance of a device requires a special program - the driver. These programs are loaded into RAM and uses it to turn off the PC.
An integral part of OS (MS-DOS, Windows 9x) is the core module msdos.sys, its main function is - control the hardware and file resources; command.com - contains a set of embedded commands; io.sys - to empower the basic input / output system .
There are several configuration files OS: config.sys, autoexec.bat, win.ini, system.ini. With the help of each of them can manage the process of downloading. In fact, each of them - a text file that can be edited in various ways.
For example, the config.sys and autoexec.bat, you can download driver software such as the keyboard driver CD-ROMa etc.
After the user includes PCs, depending on the settings made in these files, OS will load into RAM various programs necessary to communicate with the user's PC.
After loading graphics envelope can be extradited to the dialog box, and please enter your password. This can happen for several reasons:
1) Computer is part of the network, and that would restrict access to information for every level of user access has its own password.
2) with a computer running multiple users and each of them their user interface.

Starting programs and opening documents.
Starting programs and opening documents two most common operations, which produces a user of personal computers.
Run the program can be implemented in several ways.
The simplest method is considered to be - starting with the main menu, Windows 95 (Start or Start). Most of the programs after their installation, create a so-called shortcuts in the main menu of Windows. With these labels, you can run programs.
Sometimes it's so that after you install (or copy) program in a separate folder, the label is not available in the main menu. To do this you have to run the program from its working directory.
Launching programs requires downloading files to constitute the application of RAM and initiating the process of its implementation. As a result of a button applications on the taskbar, and possibly a window applications. Window applications may not appear immediately. The reasons for this are two - application does not open the windows or executed launch an application to the collapsed state. You can use the work until it is completed.
Opening the document is to perform two actions:
1) Run the application that can handle the required documents.
2) Downloading a document to it.
As a result of application is activated, a document provided to automatically open the document window, which in this application becomes active.
The operating system is Windows 95 has two methods of opening documents:
1. with a tentative launch applications;
2. Self-starting the program.
The first method is that the two actions to open the user performs - first of the operating system launches an application and then have the means of this application downloads the document.
The second method is that only the user specifies a document with which he wants to work, and the operating system itself selected appropriate application and launches it, and then - download the document.
The method with the preliminary launch of the situation - an older, which is primarily supported by predecessors Windows 95. The ability to use the method with automatic launching of applications were very limited. With the advent of Windows 95 changed - it has developed built-in support for this method and assumes its widespread use.
So, to open the paper there are a few steps:
1) Run the application with the help of which the discovery of documents.
2) Open means running applications.
Or a simpler method:
3) Find the necessary documents
4) Open (run) it as a normal program. More often than not, for the use of double-clicking the mouse.
Folders. Working with folders and files.
Every PC user - free or not free - have to constantly have to deal with folders and files. A typical user is working on a computer, browses the folders and files, modify the organization of data on disks, finds the necessary facilities, copies and moves them from place to place and from time to time are removed.
For the convenience of working with a large number of files shared on the last folders organized in a tree-like structure.
When you work in Windows 95 often arises to open the desired folder to:
view its contents in order to find specific files;
Run the file structure of the components contained in the folder, certain actions - for example, copy, forward or delete;
started the application that it contains;
Open folder to the document;
Create a folder in the new document.
The process of movement on the folder to open the required often referred to as navigation. The folder is considered open, if its content is displayed in one of the windows folder. Window folder behaves like a window application - could be opened, the screen seemed application button on the taskbar and included in the list of running applications that appears on the screen by pressing a key combination Alt + Tab.
Windows 95 creates a single tree resources, bringing its disparate file structures accessible to the disc. The main branches of a tree resources standardized - they grow out of the system folders, the relationship which rigidly fixed. Therefore, tree resources on each computer is in principle the same.
At the root of this tree is always a directory called - Desk. In this directory is located a few catalogs: My Computer, Network Neighborhood, cart and portfolio. While the tree is most often appear on different computers, but there is nevertheless a distinction that can be attributed to various causes, such as: components installed operating system, programs installed on your computer, etc.
The directory My Computer located discs, Control Panel, Printers. Each folder in the tree has its own special meanings. Basically, they are assigned technical and office functions.
If enter in the catalog of any disc, you can see its contents - attached to the main catalog folders and files. In each of these folders, you can enter by double-clicking or using the keyboard.
The folder or directory contains the files. Using the directory tree you can find your document or the program. Thus, after loading Windows 95 can enter into the directory My Computer, which is located on the desktop, and continue to move in the right direction on a hierarchy of folders and files. Once the required document is found, you just need to open a means OS.
Over the folders and files you can play some action. For example, you can copy files from one folder to another. This can be done in different ways. The most extended way - dragging. To copy a file or folder to another location, it is necessary to provide an object left mouse button and drag the button without releasing an object in the folder. Also, you can drag a group of objects. But before dragging them should be allocated using the left mouse button.
Some users often use another way. They emit one or a group of objects, so copy or removes them to the clipboard. This is done through the menu, which is caused by clicking the right mouse button on selected objects or by using the toolbar window Windows. For so moving into the second folder recipient and using the same menu or toolbar Insert objects in the current folder team insert.
A convenient way to find the necessary objects (folders, files, programs) is a specialized program Explorer (Explorer). Through this program, the user can actually provide what information is on his hard drive, what components is back, etc. The program is convenient because its interface helps users quickly navigate from one folder to another, not while many folders and not Blujdea on the wilds of computer.
Explorer - a program - the organizer, its window is divided into two parts. In the left half, we presented a schematic drawing of a directory tree. In the right - the contents of this folder.
Thus, a user with an agent can move much faster on the contents of one folder to another content. Explore much easier to copy folders or files than if it was done by dragging from one window to another.
Convenience is that the user would like to sort the information available to him for catalogs from various sources, the conductor for this purpose will come much better than the other Windows 95.
The problem is that Windows Explorer left us with enough detail shows the directory tree, and if point your mouse to the correct directory us, the right to immediately displays the contents of that directory. Then you can select the files and drag them to another folder, available in the tree or create a new one. Also a conductor, like any other window of Windows 95 can sort the contents of a folder on various grounds.
Just enough Explorer comfortably in what kind of tree is presented in summary form. That is, when you start a conductor, we see only a folder located in the main directory (root). Next to some folders is a sign +, which means that the folder contains within itself another folder.
Explore helps, as if to look at the top of all that is contained on the hard drive. Use it can be concluded Diversity programs installed on your hard disk.
The main feature of the conductor - is fast access to files and folders.


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