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Technical approaches to increase the security of the computer

Ergonomic hardware
To work was comfortable and safe care must be taken on computer hardware. Typically, nabolshy injury caused the computer user input / output devices: a monitor, keyboard, mouse.
At a time when security problems of the computer can not stand as a sharp, there are many different standards for environmental safety equipment personal computer. Today's display must comply with at least three generally accepted standards of safety and ergonomics:
1. FCC Class B - the standard developed by the Canadian Federal Communications Commission to ensure appropriate protection of the environment from the impact of aircraft in confined spaces. Hardware conforming to the requirements of FCC Class B, should not impede the work of television and radio equipment.
2. MPR-II - the standard was issued in the Swedish National Department. MPR-II imposes limits on radiation from computer monitors and industrial equipment used in the office.
3. TCO'95 (as well as modern TCO'99) - recommendations developed by the Swedish Trade Union Conference and the National Council of industrial and technological development in Sweden (NUTEK), regulates the interaction with the environment. It calls for reducing electric and magnetic fields to the technically possible level in order to protect the user. To get the certificate TCO'95 (TCO'99), the monitor must meet the standards of low radiation (Low Radiation), ie have low levels of electromagnetic fields, to provide automatic automatic reduction of energy consumption in the debt does not use, meet European standards of fire and electrical safety
4. EPA Energy Star VESA DPMS - according to this standard monitor should support the three energy-saving mode - waiting for (stand-by), suspension (suspend) and "dream" (off). Such a monitor in the long computer simply transferred to the regime, with low power consumption.
It should also monitor had the opportunity to adjust the picture settings (brightness, contrast, etc.). We recommend that when dealing with computer Vertical refresh rate monitor was not lower than 75Gts (with the user stops to see flickering images, which leads to a rapid ustavaniyu eye).
Currently, many manufacturers of monitors began mass production of so-called ploskopanelnyh displays (LCD), who are deprived of many environmental shortcomings of the monitors with cathode-ray tube, such as: electromagnetic radiation, magnetic field, flicker, etc.
Input Devices Information
Unlike displays for computer input devices (keyboard and mouse), there is currently no generally accepted and widely accepted standards. At the same time, many manufacturers of the equipment advertising their products, describe the various solutions that improve the usability of its use: a keyboard with the possibility of regulating the location of keys, mice with a form, reduces fatigue brush with a long work. While some of them is seen only as a publicity shot, many models are indeed a kind of technological leap forward in terms of security of the computer.


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