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The counterfeiting of computer information
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It seems this type of computer crime is one of the most fresh. It is a form of unauthorized access ¬ Tupa with the difference that use it can not usually constant ¬ ronny user and the developer has a fairly high ¬ kuyu qualifications. The idea is the crime of forgery output information ¬ yuterov computer to simulate the performance of large systems, part of which is the computer. In a deftly performed forgery is often able to pass an employer knowingly defective products ¬ tion. By forging information can be attributed to rigging elections, polls, referendums, etc. After all, if every voter can verify that his vote was registered correctly, there is always the possibility of making a distortion in the final minutes. Naturally, the falsification of information may pursue other objectives.
Consider now the second category of crimes in which computer ¬ yuter is a "tool" to achieve the goal. In cases where computer equipment is the subject of crimes against property, respectively, of theft, destruction or damage to be kvalafikatsii under the Penal Code 158-168. But the fact is that information structure (such as programs and information) can not be a crime against property, because the machine did not meet any of the basic principles of crimes against property, in particular, it has no physical signs (in other words, it simply does not in the real world, it is ephemeral). As for the computer as a weapon of offense, it should be seen in a number of tools such as weapons or vehicles. In this sense, the use of computers, has applications in the crime, that is, theft of money, concealment of taxes. In addition, the computer can be used to store any information he can provide printing machines and equipment for the improper access to the database, copying and so on. Such actions are not treated as separate crimes, and subject to qualification for other objects in accordance with the object of attack. The problem is in my view is that the computer is inherently versatile and can perform almost any job very wide range of purposes. It also can be developed ¬ botku complex mathematical models, input data which is ¬ are possible modalities of the crime and output data - advice on choosing the optimal option offender.
Another type of crimes using computers was called ¬ tion "Kite". In the simplest case, you want to open in two banks of a small account. Then the money transferred from one bank to another and back in gradually increasing amounts. The trick is that before the bank found that the transfer orders not achieved the required amounts, came to the notice of transfer to the bank so that the total amount covers the requirement of the first translation. This cycle is repeated a number of times ( "Kite" rises above everything and above) until the account is not decent amount (a fact ¬ geographically it has "jump" from one account to another, increasing ¬ if possible, recognizing its size). Then the money quickly removed and the holder of the account used ¬ chezaet. This method requires a very accurate calculation, but for the two banks it can be done without a computer. In practice, this game includes a large number of banks: the amount of accumulated rapidly and the number of ¬ rucheny the translation does not reach a suspicious frequency. But to manage this process can only be through your computer.

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