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The device Netping Cooler Board Received At Warehouse Company Zao Light Kommunikeyshn

CJSC Light Kommunikeyshn tells of a warehouse at its new board NetPing Cooler board, extending the functionality of devices Uniping and NetPing TS v2.

Design NetPing Cooler board met in a separate module that connects to the device or UniPing NetPing TS v2 with the help of the plume. On board NetPing Cooler board control channels are low loads, as well as terminals for connecting additional sensors.

The main purpose of the board - management low fans in the cooling system. Special connectors on the motherboard can connect to the standard computer Coolers and manage their work remotely over the network Ethernet / Internet.

In addition to the board, you can connect an external module infrared receiver / transmitter that will allow, for example, manage external air-conditioner. Just to NetPing Cooler board can be connected sensors, temperature, pressure and light sensors type dry contact. In the future increase in the number of supported types of sensors.

All this creates a full-site presence at a remote device UniPing with the attached card expansion NetPing Cooler board. This site will be able not only to monitor environmental parameters at the point of installation, but also on the team include cooling fans or other devices to adjust the climate.

Features NetPing Cooler board:
- 4 channel management low fans (or any other devices with low control circuits): 0 .. 20V, load current up to 2A;
- The possibility of controlling fan speed (only for channels based on electronic keys);
- The actual control fan speed using the probe of the fan;
- Connect to the 8-sensor production company Lightcom;
- Connect the digital ambient light sensor manufacturing company Lightcom;
- Connect the digital pressure sensor manufacturing company Lightcom;
- Connecting an external module infrared receiver / transmitter production company Lightcom;
- Connect to a 4-sensor type dry contact.


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