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The Office of visualization
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When you play audio Windows Media Player, you can browse the various visual effects of the standard set. To select the desired effect (it will be displayed in the window throughout the playing of music files), you must click on Select visual image (Select Visualization) in the control panel visualization.

By clicking on this button appears on the screen menu, where you can select the video:

Landscape schedule (Album Art) - in Windows Media Player will consistently shown graphic images of what's in the program;
Atmosphere (Ambience) - This video includes fourteen regimes, each screen will be shown continuously changing color spots and eddies. To select a specific treatment for this video, click Choice visual image or in a window display visualization of the right mouse button, then click enter the desired item in the menu;
Figure (Bars and Waves) - demonstrates the on-screen color graphics to make the sound, imitating the dynamic image on liquid crystal panel Music Center. Video has four display mode: their preferences, right-click on the button Selection of visual image, then enter the desired item in the menu;
Battery (Battery) - video showing the window visualization dynamically changing figures, outlines of which peretekayut smoothly into each other. Has 26rezhimov display;
Particle (Particle) - in Windows Media Player will disappear poyavlyatsyai different designs, consisting of multi-colored light-emitting points;
Optical (Plenoptic) - the regime of seven similar video showing on a computer screen continuously changing colored spots of different shapes and shades;
Thorns (Spikes) - this mode of visualization displays in the window Proigryvatelya colored objects round consisting of a set of constantly changing its length rays;
Cvetomuzyka (Musical Colors) - the name of the group, comprising twenty different video, speaks for itself. The screen will be shown different images, reminiscent of its type effects obtained when tsvetomuzykalnoy equipment.
Located right buttons allow the move to the next or previous visual effect on the list.

In particular, the Back button allows you to move to the previous regime visualization from the list. Forward button switches the program to the next on the list of visuals.

Set up a profile play music or video, you can expand the picture in full screen by clicking on the right side of the control panel, click Full-screen visualization (Full Screen). Reverse switch from full-Proigryvatelya in windowed mode is carried out by pressing the button Esc. Options display video in full screen mode - namely, the appearance of various components of the player, is controlled via the View menu-> mode full Parmetry (View-> Full mode options). By default, the demonstration of any element of the management of the program in full-screen image output is off.

Each of the effects of Windows Media Player has several working modes, you can customize them through the View menu-> Visual images (View-> Visualization). To select visualization go in the name effect submenu and then click the box next to the regime that you want to make active. You can also download additional visual effects from the World Wide Web by clicking on the Tools menu (Tools) para Download visual images (Download Visualizations). The screen automatically opens a browser window Microsoft Internet Explorer, which tries to connect to the page in a web-server Microsoft.

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