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The possibility of CompactPCI have more than 8 slots
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The number of installation sites for passive (not containing the active semiconductor components) CompactPCI cross - fees limited to 8 slots (2 times more than the desktop!) And determined the electrical parameters of the cross - fees. This number can be increased with the use of interface controllers, bridges, which use the principle of creating a "super buffer" at the intersection of a pair of passive CompactPCI cross-platform. Interruption, data, information for the initialization fee is automatically transferred between the cross - cards using such "bridges" PCI-PCI. One advantage of using "bridges PCI-PCI" is that you can run the data in two directions (duplex organize exchanges between the two passive PCI cross - fee). Using the "bridges" can create a CompactPCI system with 20 or more slots. Intelligent interface controllers PCI-PCI (such as Intel 960RP) with embedded RISC processors can be used to build a very powerful computer systems in which the main processor can be relieved of his duties managing local bus PCI, transferring the functions of management exchanges for the embedded RISC processor bus interface " bridge. "

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