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The scheme of the free acceleration of Internet
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So, to the case. The most efficient and stable bundle of free software, in my opinion, is HandyCache + CProxy + Proxomitron. HandyCache caches to disk zakachannye elements of Web pages, CProxy compresses traffic, Proxomitron removes advertising. Weighs all together 3.8 Mb.

Current versions of programs can be downloaded here:

Download HandyCache

Download CProxy

Download Proxomitron

To start you need to configure the browser to work through HandyCache. Consider the three most popular browser: IE, Opera, Firefox.

IE: Tools-> Options-> Connections. If the list of "Remote access and virtual private networks" there is a connection, then you need by selecting it, click on the button "Settings", check "Use a proxy server for this connection (not used for other connections)." Click on "Advanced" and in the first two fields to write in 8080 in large and small. Once done the same by clicking on the button "Setting LAN ..." in the "Connections".

Opera: Tools-> Settings-> Advanced-> Network-> Proxies. Put a checkmark in the "HTTP" and write in the field address released and port 8080.

Firefox: Tools-> Settings-> Advanced-> Network-> Customize-> Configure proxy settings manually. HTTP-proxy, port 8080.

More HandyCache be configured to transfer traffic in Proxomitron. Settings-> Access. In the "Port" write 8080. Click on the empty list of users to a new record. Put a tick "Allow" double-clicking on the column "IP", set there, in the field of Nickname "write in any name. Settings-> External proxy, put a bird "Allow" at the top and once again "Allow" next to "Unconditional proxy." Next, you need to click on the list, a new proxy. Check "Enable" and fill in the 'Host "and" Port " and 8192, respectively.

Setting Proxomitron'a is extremely simple: you have to click on the button in the "proxy" in the window that appears, write

The final step - CProxy. Everything is complicated by the fact that the original program in the Czech language. To switch to the Russian language click on the second menu item, with an inscription like "Automaticke nastaveni", select the drop-down list of Russian language and apply the settings by pressing a third button on the left, below, which says something like "POUZIT". When you want to remove all the checkboxes on the list "following Uskoryat Connections, click on" Apply ". Since then, will likely once again to set up a proxy in Internet Explorer'e. The program is free, but registration is required (http://www.cproxy.com/default.aspx?command=1). In the first box on the registration, you will enter your e-mail, the rest also want to fill in, but they can write any abracadabra. In the e-mail come login and password that you want to paste in the field "ID user" and "Password" under "Settings".

Everything in this agony is over. Must be observed increase speed and bandwidth savings of 2-4 times when viewing Web pages.

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