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Varieties of computer crime
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Unfortunately, in our world there is such a thing as computer crimes. Hacking is the last place on the list of outrage that people prodelyvayut with computers, and has nothing to do with ordinary crimes, murders, thefts, etc. This leaves the victims of hacking, and I consider it a crime merely suspended. Perhaps it is immoral, but there are far worse veshi.
Computer crimes are divided into seven main categories, one way or another connected with hakerstvom: financial theft, sabotage, theft of hardware, software theft, theft and electronic espionage. A seventh "crime" - computer hacking.

financial theft
Financial thefts occur when the computer records in order to change the attribution of other people's money. Often this is done using the program, directing money to specific bank accounts, usually through technology "salami". "Salami" - a method involving the theft of small amounts over a long time in the hope that it will not be noticed. Thieves pereprogrammiruyut bank or any other computer in such a way that pence come to lime accounts. For example, the account can be stored 713.14863, where 863 random numbers, because when multiplication takes into account all the signs. Typically, the computer shows that the person in the bank $ 713.15, rounded 4 to 5. However, a computer, programmed with the "salami" separates those extra numbers and thwarted them on separate accounts. And now people are only $ 713.14, well who notices or pozhaluetsya to loss of a penny.
The computer itself is unable to produce new money, he can only transfer the money to illegal legal effect. Such theft is difficult to detect. Once the account from the thief accumulated a large amount, he withdrew money from the account and, in most cases is removed along with them. Many thieves tried to use this form of bank robberies, and many were captured, but now it can do each.
Identify the use of such technology could be as follows:
the computer creates a list of all accounts showing the number of times within one or a few days to the account has been accessed. Then, any account that zatrebyvalsya too often tested to determine how much money he shot during each treatment. If this small amount - it means someone lucky.
Although I myself do not do these things, I did indicate to what is the problem of looters. Rather than reprogramme the computer for direct transfer of small amounts to the account, they should simply deduct the money and keep track of how much money will meet in an area separate from the files of accounts. Then change the parts of the program, which lists the total number of bank deposits, accounting for the hidden amounts that the money does not seem lost. When the hidden number reaches a certain value, then it should be transferred to the thief, and transferees should equal the amount of random variables in order to avoid suspicion.
Such actions include access to a computer. They are usually committed by the bank, and this hacking here it is not. However, if such a theft committed by the limited level of access or a stranger, hacking is required.

Computer sabotage - is the physical destruction of hardware or software, no distortion or destruction of computer information. The cause of sabotage may be a desire to get rid of a competitor or to obtain insurance. Computer hacking only indirectly linked to sabotage, because most hackers aim is to maintain the computers, rather than destruction. However, sometimes hacking an element of sabotage. Contact Social engineering uses some sort of sabotage, but in reality it is only temporary and easily fixed by the withdrawal of the computer failure.
Computer vandals are often subjected to sabotage the information stored in computers, first using hakerskie methods of gaining access to them. But do not confuse vandals and other followers of sabotage of data from hackers. These people enter false information into computer systems, one way or another, damaging the database.

other types of theft
May include theft of hardware or a computer and peripherals, as well as theft of computer development. They are hacking to the extent that the stolen computer can be used to obtain access codes. In the case of software piracy hacker can secretly read e-mail or files developer trying to steal ideas.
Theft of software or software piracy - illegal copying of programs is protected by copyright. Hackers often make for yourself a copy of programs found in a computer system to understand how they work. Regarding the theft of hardware, there is a desire to catch up with competitors in the field of new development programs.
Theft of information include theft of credit cards, laboratory data on patients or clients, and generally any data that have potential value. The electronic espionage called the sale of such information to third parties when the hacker begins to spy on another company or country. In both cases, to steal information, and sometimes to establish contact with the spy agency used hacker technology.

seventh type of crime - specifically hacking.
Hackers are able to perform any of these crimes, but they prefer not to do so. So can we consider them criminals?
Of course, before you make that choice, hacker illegally break other people's computers. But we see no harm in the very act of "hacking".
Where there are other computer-related crime, criminal motives are clear. Understandably, when a person steals your computer, order a crime of revenge or a sense of gain. But in the case of "clean" hacking motives may not lie on the surface. The traditional reason for the occupation hakerstvom - the quest for knowledge. But today this tendency can lead to stronger desire, for example, the thirst for money.

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