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What is the standard CompactPCI?
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CompactPCI - is a standard that describes the modern high-performance line - a modular system (constructive, logical and electrical parameters) for industrial, telecommunications and graphics embedded computer applications increased reliability. At the core electrical and logical parameters of the standard specification is the most popular standard office computers - PCI, mechanical foundation - Eurocard format 3U (100h160 mm) and 6U (233h160 mm).
Unlike conventional PCI modules for desktop office computers, CompactPCI-modules as bus terminals used by the highly pyatiryadnye 235 - contact connectors with 2mm step, the relevant IEC standards and Belcore. CompactPCI-board sets the standard evrokreyty rackmount, wall or desktop performance with the front side. Channels I / O can connect to CompactPCI-board using connectors installed on its front panel or be connected to its shinnomu connector on the back of the card.
With regard to CompactPCI, as an open and standard technology PCI Industrial computers / controllers, there are few who contested a fair statement: "No professional engineer can not remain indifferent to the beauty of ideology, reliability and functionality of CompactPCI. No professional manager can not evaluate the attractiveness CompactPCI for reliable long-term investment. "
CompactPCI standard was developed in 1995 by companies DES, GESPAC, I-Bus, ProLog, Teknor, AMP, Ziatech and Hybricon in association PICMG (PCI Industrial Computer Manufacturer's Group).
Currently, the association PICMG has more than 300 manufacturers of computer equipment. The main duty of members of the association - design, development and support of the specifications of industrial automation based on bus PCI. In PICMG includes such well-known companies as Intel, Motorola, IBM, Sun, DEC, Compaq Computers, Texas Microsystems, Lucent Technologies, Mitel, PEP Modular Computers, SBS Green Spring Computers, VMIC and the Force.
The first publication of PICMG (1995) was the specification of passive cross - Boards (backplane), using tires for ISA and PCI standard for the PC (cheap, but unreliable in fact, little for industrial applications) by way of connecting modules lamelnogo, KROMKOVA connector (the contact area connector put on edge charges). It is based on the specifications of the passive ISA & PCI cross - charges made so-called "Semi" computers.
PICMG specifications developed interface controllers PCI-PCI (PCI-PCI bridges) to combine several passive PCI-cross-platform. Currently PICMG committees have completed work on the standard CompactPCI version 2.1.
Recent efforts of PICMG specifications aimed at developing a standard CompactPCI, determining the possibility of replacing the modules without power off in the systems of high reliability (hot swapping boards in a live system) and specifications of systems that use an internal telephone bus N110.

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