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Robot Helps Salamandra Razgadyvat Riddles Evolution

European scientists created a robotic salamander that uses the central nervous system of amphibians to switch between swimming and walking after being out of land from water. The robot will help scientists understand the evolution and designers will show how nature itself decides such tasks.

The robot, developed by Salamander of BIRG group of city Lausanne (Switzerland). Participants in the project call it revolutionary. Indeed, so far robots, or walked or swam, but they could not do both. The site has links to BIRG video robot in motion. They include swimming robot on Lake Geneva and vypolzanie ashore.

Of course, there are robots snakes, there are navigating robots were developed and as robots, but robosalamandr who can all do equally well - is indeed a great achievement. Now just teach him to fly!

From this point of view is difficult to disagree. After all, flying robots will be able to substantially advance robomehaniku forward. The flight will require the robots to track and manage multiple settings. Among those options: altitude, speed, maneuvering on the ground, accounting for wind and rain. Overall - a combination of factors.

Along with the further development of cognitive robots will lead to the possibility of sending robots to study human inaccessible places, including other planets.

Generally in Europe is recently a lot of projects robotic direction, but recognized leader in robotics is Japan. Japanese robots are already able to walk, run, jump, swim and even play football. Following Gia Japan are the U.S., which also paid great attention to robotics.


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