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Data protection. Luxury or means of survival?

Hardly anyone would argue with that, for whatever purposes is not used a computer, the most important part - stored on the hard disk information, the value of which can cost many times more than the most advanced components, a loss leads to very unpredictable consequences. Especially if you do not have a backup ...

When talking about the loss of personal data, the consequences could be extremely unpleasant, but not more so, because in most cases they can survive. The situation has compounded the problem when viewed in the context of business. Experts estimate that electronic documents is still at the stage of development, when 90% of all documents created in electronic form, with 70% of them never appear on the stamp. In connection with what basis the welfare of any company can be, literally, undermined due to unavailability of data. The inevitable in such cases simply did not bring nothing but frustration - leaving valuable customers, raise the head competitors, costs rise, profits fall ... Not long ago, the British Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) conducted a survey on the study of weaknesses in information security systems. His results show - the average cost of overcoming the consequences of data loss can vary somewhere in the vicinity of $ 15,000 - $ 32,000. Moreover, according to the same poll, 70% of companies faced with similar problems, closed forever. It is because of the loss of information, many companies are affected by the terrorist attack on Sept. 11, became bankrupt and still have not resumed their activities. The same fate suffered the companies whose offices were located in the zone of Hurricane Katrina that destroyed not only all movable and immovable property, but also necessary for the revival and continuation of business information.

Of course, terrorist attacks, as well as natural disasters and technological accidents occur not on a daily basis and cause loss of data in only 1-2% of cases. But rejoice this fact does not, because in addition there are many ways to be in this situation. 3-5% of the loss of information due to hacker attacks and the impact of malicious software. Approximately 10% of cases prepodnosit unpleasant surprises software when the operating system works correctly with files, or one of the program performs an illegal operation. In 10-15% of cases, the cause of becoming the users who may accidentally delete the files or mistakenly format the drive. But the most common cause of the loss of information is a breakdown of the computer.

Every year computers are becoming more powerful, and most of us are quite satisfied. We as children rejoice when we hear about binucleated processors, unrealistically fast graphics chips, almost crazy hard drive and other iron innovations that give us such opportunities, which have two or three years ago and there was no point in dreaming. But few people think of that, for productivity growth have to pay a high price, as inevitable in such cases the complexity of the system inevitably leads to lower its reliability. Greedy manufacturers and sellers of computer equipment that fact for obvious reasons did not try to advertise. However, of necessity it is not - in the computer industry is an indispensable thing and use it, we do not stop no matter what. Still, the potential danger posed by these devices must be remembered, because the problem of iron, in themselves represent a serious problem could escalate into real catastrophe, because very often lead to the loss of an important and often invaluable information .

It is estimated analytical agency Gartner, 15% of all notebooks sold went down in the first year of use, and 22% - over the next four years. Desktop computers more resilient, such misfortune nastigayut their only 5-12% of cases. Most of the time the computer goes down because of the refusal of the hard disk, ranks first in the list of the most vulnerable components. According to experts, about half the hard drive sold today in Russia, were very vague in origin. Many of them are a defective product, slightly modified by domestic umeltsami. Not without reason more than 75% of the cases, data loss occurs precisely because of a failure of the hard disk.

If the information has been lost as a result of policy errors, it may simply be restored. In a highly skilled user, this will be enough to take advantage of one of the tools downloaded from the Internet or sold in the shops near the CD-ROM drive. However, if data are lost due to mechanical damage media treatment of professionals can not be avoided. Depending on the hard drive, the importance of its contents, the urgency of the order, the cost of their services an average of 50 to 500 dollars, with assurances that data will be fully revive, is no. Do not forget the security of information that inevitably appears in jeopardy. Especially if you decide to save and have not been large firms, and semi-office workers which can easily take your data for their own purposes.

To protect themselves from the consequences of failing equipment and other forsmazhora, many companies use this backup. Do not lag behind them and home users. Increasingly popular are programs designed to back up and give, in contrast to other methods, almost hundred percent guarantee of recovery in the event of unforeseen circumstances.

Still, related to the backup is not sufficiently serious - on the basis of last year's study Harris Interactive, 35% of users at any time in life does not back up data, while 75% of those who, to some extent familiar with the operation done her no more once a month. Even worse things in the small and medium-sized businesses: according to the report Gartner, only one case out of a hundred businessmen keep their files daily. The result - according to Dynamic Markets, 16% of small and medium-sized companies every quarter loss of critical information. And in most cases, this involves the use of obsolete software.

Today, the market presented myriad of products designed to back up. At the same time, not all programs of this kind can provide an automatic back-up, when once configured automatically copies your data on the schedule. In some cases, programs store information on a very limited number of carriers. Moreover, not all of them to meet the specific needs of users and provide an opportunity to copy certain types of data.

For example, data automation system management and accounting 1C, which is used today by an overwhelming majority of Russian companies. Data stored in the system, vital for the normal operation of businesses because include accounting and financial management and production costs, accounting for taxes and wages, as well as a lot of other useful information. Given the value of these data, 1C requires software producers certification of their products on special techniques to ensure full security of a program to backup databases and system configurations.

Today, products with such certificates, not so much. Among the most famous and popular, there has been Handy Backup Russian company Novosoft. The company for many years developing software for data protection and has great experience in this area, making the program extremely easy to use and given a number of useful functions. Backup can be preserved virtually any vehicle - the hard disk, CD or DVD, fleshdrayv, network drive or FTP / SFTP server. In addition, the services users - service information storage network. The developers took into account almost all the features of backup and recovery: depending on the preferences of the user, copying may be full, incremental or mirror, made hand or automated backups are archived to preserve disk space and encrypted to ensure the complete unavailability of information for extraneous. In addition, the program includes the opportunity to launch its online service Windows, which allows you to use the application on a professional level.

According to the president of the company Novosoft Vladimir Vaschenko demand for the program is constantly growing, the most significant increases in the segment of small and medium-sized enterprises, as well as the people using the program in their professional lives. Until recently, Handy Backup actively bought, mostly abroad - in America, Canada, Australia, England. We have more than 40 000 users around the world ... - Vladimir explains. But today, and in Russia, people are beginning to increasingly realize the need for greater attention to the problem of preservation of information. This confirms the interest in our program has grown significantly in recent times. However, domestic consumers to make this program its demands. In order to comply with them, we have passed the certification of the company 1C and now Handy Backup can copy a database of their system and, in the event of damage or loss, restore them to original condition. This step, as well as belonging to the middle price category (the cost of the program ranges from 1100 to 2400 rubles, depending on bundling), were key to the success of our product in the Russian market. We still have a number of promising ideas and the future of the program in our country, we look with optimism .

The future of the software of its kind in Russia really is. Indeed, its value can not be compared with the damage that can cause loss of financial well-being of the company. Given that the probability of such a scenario is high enough, the popularity of these programs will certainly grow, especially if we take into account the fact that they could compete much more expensive Disaster Recovery-systems, introduced today in big companies.


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