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Development and dissemination of computer viruses
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Almost all computer users have encountered viruses, and is said to have experienced all the amenities that they have. Allow me a slight digression, and I say that in the design of the course work at a computer in any way say "infiltrators one of the virus, which has been specially created for the destruction of textual information and ruin all my work. And if all this present in a large-scale enterprise? The Penal Code, there are special article number 273 of speech, which refers to the development and dissemination of computer viruses by creating software or changes to existing programs. The risk of computer virus is that it may lead, according to the text of the article, the complete disruption of computer information and in doing so, according to experts in this field, can lie dormant long enough time, then suddenly intensify and lead to disaster. The virus may be the cause of the disaster in the areas of computer information, such as defense, space, public ownership, the fight against crime. It is a high degree of public danger, in my opinion, is due to the fact that criminal law is intended strictly for the mere creation of computer virus software or changes to existing programs, without stipulating the onset of any consequences. The crime is considered completed when the program is created or amended. By using the (spread) of malicious software or machinery refers to the holders of the introduction of these programs in the computer system, network computers, as well as the sale, exchange, donation, donation of. It can be assumed that the spread should be understood and copying. The legislator has finally realized the seriousness of the situation, with qualifying signs: such a crime may have serious consequences - death, causing grievous bodily harm, disruption of production at the enterprise or industry, complication of diplomatic relations, until the outbreak of armed conflict. Comes to mind the work of American writer David Bishofa entitled "War Games", written based on real events. The extremely gifted teenager broken Pentagon's computer network and nearly unleashed a third world war. Viruses, acting on the principle: "employees, all data of the program, go to the next and do the same thing" have properties to move through the communication network from one system to another, spreading as the present viral infection. The virus is not found immediately: the first time, Computer Information harbors ¬ fektsiyu "as to mask the virus is often used in combi ¬ nation with the" logic bomb "or" temporary bomb. " The virus monitors throughout the processed information and can be moved using the re ¬ links this information. Everything happens as if he was infected white blood cells and traveled with him on humans. Starting to act (to intercept management), gives the team a computer virus that infected a recorded version of the program. He then returned ¬ schaet program management. Polzovatel did not notice because his computer is in a state of "healthy carrier of the virus." Detect the virus can only possess extremely advanced programming intuition because no violations in the mainframe at the moment are not themselves. But one day the computer "sick". All the viruses can be divided into two types, to ¬ discovery of several different difficulty: "vulgar virus" and "fragmented vision ¬ rus." The "vulgarnogo virus," written by a single block, and when there is suspicion of infecting computer experts can find it at the very beginning of the epidemic (reproduction). The operation, however, very careful analysis of the entire operating system computers.
The "piecemeal virus" is divided into parts, at first glance, that do not respect. These parts contain the instructions that indicate the computer how to build them together to recreate and, therefore, reproduce the virus. Thus, it almost always is in the "distribution" state, only a short time their work gathering into a coherent whole. Typically, the creators of the virus are being decrees ¬ him the number of reproductions, after which he became aggressive. Such viruses are called "invisible".
Variations of viruses depend on the objectives pursued by their creator. Signs of them may be relatively benign, for example, ¬ slowly in carrying out programs or the appearance of svetyascheysya point on the screen ¬ not display. Symptoms may be Evo ¬ lyutivnymi, and the disease will worsen as they flow. So inexplicably programs are beginning to throng magnetic disks, resulting in a significantly increased level of program files. Finally, these acts can be catastrophic and result ¬ raniyu to STI files and destroy software. What are the ways the spread of computer viruses? They are assessed on the basis ¬ ability of the virus to use any transmitted data as a "means of transport." That is the beginning of infection is a risk that computers can create a large number of tools to ¬ vizheniya and subsequent hours all the files and software to be infected. Thus, diskette or magnetic flax ¬ is transferred to other computers are able to infect them. Conversely, ARP ¬ yes "healthy" floppy disk introduced in the infected computer, it can become a carrier. Easy to disseminate vast epidemic ¬ eye zyvayutsya telecommunications networks. A single exposure to the personal computer has been infected or infected someone with whom contact ¬ guarantee. However, the most frequent method of infection - is copying programs ¬ ramm that is a common practice among users of personal computers. So are copied and infected program. The experts caution against copying stolen programs. Sometimes, however, and formally delivered programs can be sources of contamination ¬ nickname. Often, with the beginning of the epidemic computer link the name of Robert Morissa student Cornell University (USA), the re ¬ a result of action by contaminated ¬ proved critical computer networks east and west coasts of the United States. The epidemic spread to more than a thousand ¬ computers and 70 computer systems. ¬ assisting victims were, among other things, computer centers NASA Divermorskoy Laboratory of Nuclear Studies, Harvard, Pittsburgh, Maryland, Vis ¬ konsinskogo, California, Stznfordskogo universities. The scale is impressive. However, in the global marketplace increasingly gaining popularity antivirus software, written by Russian developers. A virus is the inventor, a student at the University of California, Fred Cohen, who in 1984, speaking at a conference, spoke about their experiences so that a friend of his called "computer virus". When practice began ¬ some use of viruses is unknown, because banks, insurance companies, enterprises, to discover that their computers are infected with a virus, does not allow ¬ Cali to the attention of the prosochilis out. The press often draw a parallel between computer viruses and virus "AIDS". Only orderly life with one or more partners the ability to protect against the virus. The indiscriminate connection with many computers will almost certainly lead to infection. Note that the desire to limit the use of untested software ¬ ensure likely will remain practically unfeasible. This con ¬ shown that the original program for the "sterile" media faces a lot of money in convertible currency. Therefore, to avoid them nekontroli ¬ ruemogo copy almost impossible. To be fair, that the spread of computer viruses ¬ yuternyh has some advantages. In particular, they are, apparently, the best defense against hijackers software. Often, developers knowingly infect their floppies any innocuous virus, which is well found any al ¬ tivirusnym test. This is a fairly reliable guarantee that no risk to copy a floppy disk.

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