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Hold printing
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Hold seal is used when installed on your system printer is temporarily unavailable - for example, mobile computers, disconnected from the desktop or in the case of a network printer connected to a remote server network, which in this moment is not functioning. In the case of post-print documents with Windows XP produces sent to print files all the necessary pre-operation and form a print queue, although the print itself at this point is not made. This feature is useful when you want to do all the preliminary papers to the press in advance, then no longer face this challenge: the procedure predpechatnoy processing a large volume takes not only time but also computer system resources. Use the pending print if:

used on your computer network or local printer is temporarily unavailable;
to be printing large volumes, while you want to form a print queue in advance to proceed directly to printing at a convenient time for you;
to be printing a large amount of processing which takes a lot of system resources while you have the opportunity to highlight their advance in order to later use all the resources of other tasks.
To use the printer in Print and Hold, have done the following sequence of operations:

Navigate to the folder Printers and Faxes (Printers and Faxes) from the Control Panels or Start menu;
right-click the icon you use the default printer and select the menu that appears Hold seal the box (Use printer offline). If this setting is not on the menu printer, which means that the use of post-print on your computer, for whatever reason, it is impossible;
submit all required documents to print in normal mode;
when you decide to proceed to print documents from your queue formed, again, go to Printers and Faxes folder and reset the box Hold print on the menu printer;
wait until the press documents.
Operating system Microsoft Windows XP «can» independently monitor the connection to a computer, printer and if the printer is not available, automatically switch to Hold Press. Recheck your printer is carried out at regular intervals. If Windows detects that you use the default printer is available again and ready for use, displayed a special box that offers to print documents. You can accept the invitation of the beginning of the press by clicking the OK button, or continue to use the printer in Print and Hold, which should click on the Cancel button (Cancel).

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